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Friday, January 28, 2011

Thankful for the sunshine....and other things:)

Today was a day that I rejoiced as I got to sleep for five hours with no hacking from my daughter. Both of us awoke feeling refreshed....she wanted ginger ale....I wanted coffee...but the sun was shining and it was warm and we had slept...and all was well!

Made a quick phone call to the doctor for follow up on her continual hacking since he had seen her on Tuesday....now he believes her to have "walking pneumonia" oh fabulous I thought but graciously he called in her prescription without making me return to the office. As I went to my favorite store...we all know what that is and I picked up her medicine she of course was hacking and hacking and people were staring at me and shaking their heads...yes, I bought some juice and tissues and some jars while I was there.....and boy were they bothered! I wanted to say "Well, I guess I could have left her at home while I came and got her medicine but thought that might be a bad idea?" and then of course Trey was with me....anyway, I was anxious to be out of there! So, we finally returned home....Trey retired to his room also worn out from Ellianna keeping us awake for four straight nights and Ellianna was sniffling and hacking and wanted to watch a movie and Mommy? Well, Mommy needed to straighten up this house and finish a project and start a new one!

So, first I decided to move in a window from outside and put it here:

I have had that outside by my garage (looking cute there I might add...) but seriously...much better now!

Then I started on a project that I've been chewing on for awhile. I have my supplies for school in myu old china hutch but I needed it to look "cuter" and be more practical...sooooooo

Don't those look sooo much stinkin cuter! Almost makes up for the glares from people today at Target doesn't it! Seriously though, I think that I need another jar for those beads...now that I see that....that's bugging me something awful! I'll have to fix that!

THEN, we decided to clean and my Ellianna just LOVES to steam mop! I was so glad that she was feeling better....health....good health....I have missed it lately!

So, all in all a very good day. Also, I did't indulge in the huge box of M&M's we have...I was a bit depressed yesterday after getting back on the scale and realizing that i have gained three pounds of the weight I lost this summer....so of course the chocolate...was....supposed to...help?????

So, there ya go! No spiritual wisdom or insight.....just a day...not a normal one but that's o.k we are on our way to healing and hopefully someday soon we will see our friends again?????

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