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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Then we went to the kitchen......

ok....don't judge me to harshly. When we moved in 2 1/2 years ago I had exactly NO TIME to clean this house...we had trucks waiting in neighbors yards, my poor dog was at the neighbors....due to the "wonderful buyers" and I use that term "wonderful" loosely!.....we were officially homeless for THREE days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, when I moved in I had a 15 mos old and a eight yr old and we just basically threw everything in the house...and we are just now coming up for air!

so000...that was then.............

This is where we currently have our breakfast stuff but this made no sense since my coffee maker and bowls etc our on the OTHER side of the kitchen....what was I thinking????

TADAH! Now I have made that cabinet my baking cabinet...duh!

This is now where I keep the breakfast stuff...I have on my list to get containers for the coffee and the creamer etc. but this makes so much more sense. This cabinet is right by the fridge.

All spices are now in ONE area and the ones used the most are in the front. I also have my plastic containers in ONE place instead of hidden behind the pots and pans. The kitchen still has TWO more large areas to organize but we are making progress.

STay tuned for how I organize my ss table that I have in my kitchen and then....I'm working on coming up with extra space in Ellianna's room....I have an eye out for an armoire that needs some love...stay tuned!

Happy Organizing!

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