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Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's Your Thoughts????

As you can see here...Ellianna is getting ready to go for her first "real" sledding experience...and you can't see that she is VERY excited about it for SURE!

and as you can see here...her and her big sis ALSO like to play in the snow!

So, as I took these pictures...it was for me a moment to remember how much snow we got and make a "memory" of that event. Even though I don't like snow now as an adult I do remember how much I loved it as a kid...however...it seems something strange is happening to me lately....

Today though as I'm driving around for the first time in nearly a week due to extremely frigid temps and SNOW...I found myself strangely.....happy...but in a bizarre way....I could see people driving their vehicles behind me...and then they would drop back and by that I mean...WAY back and then I found myself....almost happy bout that....then I thought..."What does it mean about me when I'm happy to be getting snow on other people?" Who thinks this way?

As I realized that the next few days we are expecting even more snow and the temperatures will be going WAY down again I found myself rather depressed. The cold, the snow, but why would this annoy me so much? I don't have to drive in it I can watch from home the pretty flakes that come down. I can wrap up in a blanket while doing school and send my children out to shovel and all is well...but why oh why does it make me so horribly cranky?

Finally, I realized that it must be the fact that my lack of CONTROL must be why. I have no other explanation...but what puzzled me further was that I don't EVER have control so what makes me think that I do?

So, I might be stuck at home again for the next five days or so again but that's o.k. I enjoy being home. However, when the snow falls....I'm going to enjoy its beauty...be thankful for our warm home, enjoy "snuggle" time and be thankful that my husband has snow tires on his car and be very thankful for the...internet. Pretty much everything I need.....so why would I be so grumpy!

However, you might still hear me saying "BAHAHAHAHAHA!" when driving my van with a big pile of snow....Pray for me girls! Gracious BE!

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