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I'm a stay at home Mom of two children and I have the unique privilege of being able to homeschool both of them. I am a stepmother to two older daughters one who is going to college. I enjoy shopping, baking, cooking, cleaning, organizing, running, clowning, making soap, playing piano and lately painting with ASCP paint! I am learning to enjoy the little things in life and make the most of it...clinging to my Savior through the tears that life brings and enjoying his GRACE He gives us every day! Thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, February 11, 2011


Many of you know this....that I long to adopt another child. I long to help another child...but at the same time fill a void...maybe that makes me selfish? I have felt the call to adopt since before Ellianna was born. I've wanted it desperately....but sometimes wanting it isn't enough.

Lately, the dream has returned....a little boy five or six...big brown eyes and dirty...is reaching for me....wanting me to pick him up. He's calling me, he strokes my face and my hair...and then dream is over and I wake up....I have had this dream for over a year. No, I don't want another baby....I just want to help this boy. I'm trying so hard to get to him. I pray for him every night....I try to.

This week my husband has been talking about helping those less fortunate and what can we do as a family. I told him about the dream again....he wanted me to tell the children....so I did. They looked at me with blank stares....wondering what this crazy woman in front of them was telling them. I know that they are enough that my life is enough....I'm grateful....I truly am. I just feel that I have a bigger purpose....am supposed to do more....so I'm asking for your prayers for God to lead us where we should be led. For God to speak to my husband and for this to be able to happen because if not...if not the will of God...nothing else will matter! May His name be praised!

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  1. Jamie,
    I understand in ways I words can't express. Prayers for you and your family. May God's will be done in your family.