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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home Management Binder

I told many of you about this new project from A Bowl full of Lemons...she is now having weekly challenges and I'm super excited.

This week its The Home Management Binder...and with all the great weather:) I've had time to get it started!

I downloaded this from IHeart Organizing. I laminated the sheet and use it EVERY DAY! I have my cute little clipboard which just makes me HAPPY!

The first section is my calendar....I think this will replace my wall calendar for next year.

The calendar with blue scalloped edges I got free from A Bowl full of Lemons...the other was easy to download off the computer. I like having both...see what's coming up and what I have to think about this week!

I will fill this out in more detail soon.

This is just very handy to have. For instance when you are in the middle of a crisis you can't think and just being able to have that at a moments notice gives me a bit of peace. I also like it that anyone here with my kids can look it up right away.

I'm very excited about this one! My babysitter is usually the same but still I forget to tell her little details such as...Ellianna needs the fan on....don't forget to make sure she has the pink blanket. She also will know what is allowed for Trey and that no matter what Ellianna says she can't have two fruit snacks before bed. Little things that put everyone on the same page!

I will use this for long range plans not everyday little things.

AHHH! Yes! My Favorite! I wasn't sure what would work best for me with this so I chose two different formats. One of these I paid for and all of the other printables I got free. I will share those sites at the bottom of the page. At this point, I think the ones that I paid for are adorable but would NOT spend the money on printables again....thankfully it wasn't much but STILL....I make decisions to quickly sometimes!

This printable I'm really happy about. My Ellie when she gets sick I'm doing an antibiotic, I'm doing nebulizer treatments and I was doing cold medicine....very easy to give them the wrong thing at the wrong time. VERY happy to have something besides a post it note that keeps me sane and makes sure that I give what I'm supposed to give WHEN I'm supposed to give it!

This one is my harder ones. I'm not horrible at this since I do My Don't Panic Dinner's in the Freezer...but I know I could do better....so I do have a Monthly calendar that I printed out and then for me a better checklist for groceries was helpful also. I also added the party list....we entertain a lot and this just helps me keep the weekly grocery list and the party list separate so that nothing is forgotten....hopefully!

Ok so I confess.....I needed help here! WE have been doing the Dave Ramsey thing for about four years now. We have no debt except for our house and we are doing o.k. on the budget. I have my cash and well.....sometimes go over....and just use my debit card. THIS WILL HELP me be better. I'm not bad...but everyone can improve. Our economy is shaky right now and I need to learn to make it count everywhere not just spend it because....I can. So, I will be doing MUCH better with staying in budget. This is also why I do my groceries online...keeps me from getting things I don't need!

I'm new to blogging as you all know....but I have to say its very exciting and fun to do! So, who knows where I'll go!

Now, in case your wondering why I don't have a school tab.....I homeschool so I have a whole notebook already for Trey's subjects, lessons plans and hours and there wasn't really any permission slips that I needed to sign since I'm the principal also!

So, would be interested in seeing what you all come up with and wouldn't be sad if you decided to become an official "follower"!

This also now has a label that says HOme Management Binder with my handy dandy labelmaker!

The free printables you can get are as follows cleanmamaprintables---hers are not free but very awesome!


Enjoy girlies! and since everyone is home AGAIN tomorrow....I can't think of a better way to spend my day than getting organized!

As for me...my hubby will be going back to work....I'm better now so the house and school work will be all caught up tomorrow since today we gained a lot of ground in that area! YEAH!!!!


  1. Where did you find your monthly spending sheet? Thanks! Lisa

  2. Lisa, I got that printable FREE from www.getbuttonedup.com