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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hot Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

o.k. lately I have posted a few recipes but this one.....my stepdaughters beg for...my husband adores....haven't met a man, teenager, child who doesn't love these. They don't take long to make....and just so you know where credit is due...its from Rachel Ray...I've been making them for five years now. I don't even remember what book it is of hers and I don't measure so forgive me for this recipe....but in the end your hubby will thank me!

Chicken Breasts
chili powder
hot sauce
sour cream
blue cheese

You take chili powder, paprika, salt, pepper...as much as you want and take the chicken and drag it through...put in a hot skillet and pan fry with olive oil...do that on all of them...however you many you want. When I make these I do a huge batch....they want these for breakfast (yes, its true) and lunch and dinner!

After you pan fry them you dip them in a cup of Franks Red hot sauce with a tablespoon of butter and put them on sandwich buns with lettuce and sour cream and blue cheese mixture.

For the blue cheese mixture I just use a cup or two of sour cream and put as much blue cheese as we like and stir it up (they don't like a ton of blue cheese)

I serve this with baby carrots and they use the blue cheese, sour cream dressing. I also like to serve it with baked potatoes and use the blue cheese, sour cream dressing and put cheddar cheese and real bacon bits in it for the baked potatoes.

This is HANDS DOWN fantastic! I don't like hot...so I don't dip mine in sauce but my family does and the louder they yell....the more they like it! I guess that's compliments to the cook eh?

We get our supplies at Sam's since we like to make these A LOT!


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