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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kitchen and Pantry Organization

As I type this I'm listening to my little one hack and hack, there is snow on the ground and I am NOW hearing thunder....however, I KNOW that spring is on its way???

So, a little organization always makes me feel better. There are a few more things that I need to tweak but as we go along in the land of "purging, organization, buying less, safer and healthier cleaning products" I find that this process can't be done overnight. It's sort of a "journey". So, I will keep doing a bit more at a time learning as I go!

So, here are a few of my "favorite things".

I've decided that in all of my "old things" that I have that I would start using them instead of just looking at them. So, I thought this crate was the perfect place for pops, waters, etc. I just LOVE it!

Under the sink...I now use all the Shaklee products which has eliminated a TON of cleaning products. I have a just a basket with cleaning stuff and then I have room for my candles and trashbags etc under the sink and I adore this cheerful shelf liner....makes me think of spring!

The Breakfast section. I found it much easier for EVERYONE to keep all breakfast things by the fridge. Little granola bars etc are in the pantry in a bin labeled breakfast but this made things much esier for us.

I realize that most people don't have a "negative" jar. This helps keep our family's attitude in "check" towards each other. Just a fun little thing that we have. I love the fruit basket and I got rid of all the recipe books that I don't use and narrowed it down to these. I use these EVERY day!

I keep my Home Management Binder in this basket along with the things that I use everyday. It's nice when sitters come over to just open the book and all numbers and the kids schedules are right there. I also use it everyday to record what I spend in the Budget and my menu planner is in there. This has definitely been the GREATEST thing I have done! Saves me so much time and energy! The shoe rack on the back of the pantry door holds batteries, tape, my label maker, extra mini notebooks, flashlights etc. This keeps everything in one place and the kids aren't asking me for tape, batteries hand sanitizers. Saves much needed space.

I'm linking up with a Bowl full of lemons!

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  1. New reader here. I, and my family, are new to St. Joe and I found your blog through a search. Anyhoo....LOVE the shoe organizer for a behind the door "junk" drawer(that's what we call the catch all drawer for batteries, tape, flashlights, and the like)....I will surely implement this now:)