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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making a Launch Pad-Week 2 of the Challenge

In every home there has to be a "launch pad" in my home we have three different areas. I dream of the mudroom with cubbies for each person and storage galore...BUT that is not my reality. In buying a older home storage is never key...but we make up for it in character :)

So, here are the first few pics of when you enter the "back" entrance of my home which happens to be our kitchen. I have turned this in to a couple of different "zones"

When you first walk in you see the "coats" and then there is the cell phone charges for the five out of six people that live here. I also use this as a way of making sure that all cell phones are on their chargers by 8 at night every night so I know there is no texting when little people should be sleeping. I have a bucket for boots, etc when the trash is taken out, when someone needs to get dog food from the outside garage etc.

Since I have a three yr old we still need to take a bag filled with snacks and juice boxes and a DS when we leave for doctors appt or brother's long practices and of course her bag for cubbies and my purse. Its there ready to go!

This is our front door and the "mud room" that I established....here we have several things. The basket serves as storage for Ellianna's "downstairs" toys. The baskets also serve as "seating" when people need to put shoes on etc. It also serves as a place where the older girls keep their backpacks etc that need to go to school the next day. When we have company coming...like tonight for superbowl...I will make everyone put their coats away so that the guests have a place to keep their coats and there you see another basket for the kids shoes....I HATE shoes being worn around the house....get yourselves some slippers PLEASE!

This pictures above are right inside our main front door. With all the snow right now Trey is allowed to keep his snow boots out ready for the next snowfall to shovel. The basket serves several purposed...normally when its warmer there are various balls etc in here that they play with outside or whatever they use a lot. Right now it sits empty waiting for "sunnier" days.

There is also a key that my Dad made for me years ago that you obviously put your keys on when you come home!

So, there are my launch pads....can't wait to hear what you all come up with!

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