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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Favorite Color is GREEN?

Lately, I've been purging, re-doing and re-thinking spaces. I spend A LOT of time in my kitchen and lately I've been wanting to change it to...green. Well, you see I think I've been really into green for awhile...why didn't I do it in the first place....

Here are my subtle clues.....

The first pic you see I decided to use the suitcase for storage....all the other pics are little clues that I keep seeing throughout my house.

This is our dog....she's NOT green...but I still love her!

Now back to my subtle clues....

So, this is when I need your help. My kitchen is painted brown.....and I can't decide whether or not to paint it grey or sage green....or what....because I love the following:

So, any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Oh, and this is what my storage looks like for my cds

oh, and just one more clue...

What's a girl to do?

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  1. Hi Jamie! I love all your green! Here is just my opinion...I would go with the grey. The reason is because all of your beautiful accessories are what shine, and you have a fabulous decorating eye with all of your goodies! You are able to move them around and constantly re-do without fear of clashing things. Too much green and the little pops of green hidden "joy" will fade away...
    I have very strong/dark colors at my house, but I have very few decorations competing with it so in my tiny house it seems to work. (I guess to me it works, someone else might thing differently!)
    Anyway...I know whatever you do will be beautiful and it will "work". Trust your own instincts, I've never thought a single thing to be "off" about ANY of your decorating. So...TRUST yourself! I have a paint color thingy if you would like to borrow it...