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Sunday, February 6, 2011

one thousand gifts continued...

I hope you all are enjoying this book...and if you haven't got it yet...I hope that you will.

" Joy is the realest reality, the fullest life, and joy is always given, never grasped. God gives gifts and I give thanks and I unwrap the gift given; joy."

"Gratitude for the seemingly insignificant."

My list continues:

5. Pink front doors
6. Dogs leading their masters through the snow
7 Babies snuggled against their Mommies all wrapped up against the cold.

As I drove along the road these are the things that popped out to me. It was a grey day and my soul was sad....we have been snowed in....I've been away from church for a month due to my Ellianna...

8. Unexpected visits from friends
9. Cinnamon treats made with love from friends
10. laughter of two new little girls playing and becoming friends

These things...have lifted my spirit....helped me to rise up above my "feelings" of depression, doom....overwhelming sadness that comes from the boring circumstances of life that makes us all....human...its where the seed of discontentment first rears its ugly head...its where the soul begins to fight with the overwhelming desire to give up....to quit...

so, I'm thankful for pink doors, and seeing families being walked by their dog...and babies wrapped up against their mothers.....in these things...I'm turned back to...joy

May His name be praised!

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