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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Recipe Binder

OH MY GOODNESS! Have you ever had a project that's been calling your name for literally YEARs and FINALLY you conquered it due to a challenge that you had?

AT a Bowl Full of Lemons blog she had a Recipe Binder challenge and I'm sooo glad she did! About twelve years ago when I married my late husband we were given a recipe binder that she filled with recipes for me. Twelve years later...I'm re-married and needed new memories and that one binder had become THREE plus it had been a place that I STUCK all wonderful recipe cards etc in all of them. Couldn't find anything! I use two different cookbooks each and every day...but I needed a place for my husband's Mom great biscuits recipe...written in her own hand...she won't be with us much longer and those things are great to pass on. So, I went through ALL three binders and threw away all the recipes that I haven't made in eight years and there was a HUGE stack that I pitched and then I just kept the "favorites".

My labels are:

Fast Dinners

The notebook I have now is NOT what I shall keep them in but I had the clear binders and wanted to get it done before I went and purchased a new notebook! Great challenge....glad its done and now....I won't be wondering where that great cheeseball recipe is when I have another party!

Thanks for the challenge!

By the by...this project took me a little over an hour...why didn't I do it sooner?

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