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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So you ask what in the world does this picture have to do with anything? Absolutely NOTHING....I'm just cold and its snowing for like the upteenth millionth time...and the temperature is like -3 or something....and the windchill is...well at this point who cares...its freezing....furnace is working hard, faucets are dripping to avoid frozen pipes...even my guinea pigs are cold and if my dog could talk I'm sure she would ask for a blanket with the way she's dug herself into her bed pillow. So, there ya go...the very LONG reason on why I posted that picture...to feel warmer...its sorta helping...really I just needed to know what grass looked like?

Lately, since I've been stuck in the house I'm using this time to simplify, organize, radically CHANGE the way we live. I noticed the other day something broke and my daughter said.."uh oh...we'll have to go get a new one!" I remember when I was little and something broke it went like this..."uh oh...grab the super glue, where's the tape...Mom's gonna kill me!" We hardly ever RAN out and bought "new" when something would break. I'm remembering all the things that we let "last longer" when did that change? When did I become so....WASTEFUL! I don't consider myself wasteful but lately on my way back to simple I've noticed that somewhere along the way wasteful became another word for lazy. Instead of putting it away its easier to put in the laundry basket...instead of cutting the yucky part off the apple its easier to throw the whole thing away. I'm embarrassed to say it...I've been a very bad steward with my money.

I try to purge the house before Christmas to prepare for the absolute ridiculous amount of crud that comes into this house...first of all just so you know this is not my act alone...aunts, uncles, cousins, friends..all contribute to the huge amount of crud that re-enters. This year, we bought MUCH less and I truly believe the kids had more fun...we got them a few things they really wanted and the rest we bought "experiences". So, after my purging before Christmas and my purging after Christmas and then my "organizing mission" I've discovered something....we have to much crud ALWAYS!

I've been re-arranging drawers trying to make it easier for my children to put away their clothes. I ran across a great idea at IHeart Organizing on how to use small plastic shoeboxes for the kids with their underwear and socks. I'm please to tell you its a miracle worker and a week later BOTH kids are keeping track and their drawers look AWESOME! However, Ellianna's drawers are....well frankly, they are a sin. Just because I hit sales after a season is over doesn't mean that because they are now just 2 bucks or even lower that i have to buy one in every color. I end up not saving as much money as I could simply because I'm "saving" so much I buy more. Then, I'm ruled my all the stuff and become a "slave" to it.

This weekend I'm taking out the things from the basement that are intended for garage sale in April and I'm going to donate most of it except the clothes that I sell to my friends normally. I'm then going to start keeping track of how many jeans and shirts and church clothes my son has and the same for Ellianna. I got rid of a lot of toys and was amazed at how much fun Ellianna has in her room now simply because its easier and more "contained" not a huge amount of toys in mayhem all over.

I've switched my cleaning products, make meals ahead and have them prepared in the freezer invested in a foodsaver for longer freezer usage, make more homemade bread than ever before, bought a steam mop so that I'm not buying expensive "swiffer" products anymore plus chemicals, have a serious addiction to laminating, label making, organizing, now officially addicted to blogging, shopping for "old stuff" and staying away as much as humanely possible from all things "retail". What has become of me? I can't stand the chaos of living under the influence of "too much crud". I'm tired of yelling at my kids about picking all their "crud" up. We are happier with less.....let simplify and see how much easier we breathe!

Have a great night! Stay warm my friends....spring has to come sometime...I hope!

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