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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Expectations I set!

So today....interesting I have to say...nothing horribly exciting to write about just interesting:)

After juggling the "Mom, I can't figure this problem out?" and listening in the other room to the child saying "Uh-oh I can't find the GRAY crayon!" to the dog needing out to the oven timer going off, and does ANYONE around her know how to turn off a light or even pick up trash that they dropped on the floor...am I the ONLY ONE that knows or cares how to pick up after oneself?" Then I gave piano lessons and then took my Ellie to gymnastics.

My Ellie and her gymnastics. I have to take a pic of this bright purple sparkly leotard she had to have it cracks me up! Anyway, she has a new teacher this time around and as always any time my kids are involved in something I judge myself. Ellianna is afraid of heights....she also gets distracted easily....she has LOTS of energy. Her last teacher knew how to handle this and did so in a fantastic way. This new teacher seems annoyed by Ellianna...kinda hurts my Momma heart. In a nice way I told her that I was so happy that she got Ellianna to go on the high bar and thankfully the old teacher was behind her and I said "Isn't that so awesome that she got her to do that?" Of course the teacher agreed with me because it was so awesome! However, as I got into my minivan and talked to Ellie about her evening...she was happy....she got a lolli, and a stamp for being good and was so happy...so why wasn't I? I can be a drama queen and was thinking as we were driving..."why is my Ellie picked last? Why is she so scared? Is there something wrong with her? Am I not doing enough for her? When I buy a swingset should I buy special blah blah blah? I mean SERIOUSLY???? WHY do I do this to myself? I'm not raising an Olympic star....she's perfectly content and happy. The reason I signed her up for this is for fun and exercise and learning some coordination but in those few moments I had decided that I was a horrible Mom that I wasn't doing enough for my Ellianna that she would struggle in life...maybe not make friends...I mean I was being SO RIDICULOUS!

That's all it takes...just a moment....and he's got a hold on me again...just a bit of self-doubt, just a bit of regret...and there I am off on the wrong path.

So what if Ellianna is not the perfect gymnast or ballet star she enjoys life and anyone that watches her during Awana will testify to that...today she was singing at the top of her lungs "wes Lord, wes Lord, wes wes Lord, wes Lord, wes Lord, Yes Yes Lord Amen." CRACK me UP! What could be better than that?!

May His name be praised!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now to APPLY!

I finished my book today One Thousand Gifts....I sorta cheered, sent a text to my sister...it felt like I was "crossing over" into a "new life" waving at the old one as I went over. I was all alone in the library while both of my children were having their homeschool classes and I was alone in the quiet....alone in the presence of the Almighty. I could feel it...I know that change is coming. Today, in the crazy, insanity, busy of this day I tried VERY hard to "be there in that moment" to not use the day as a "check my list off." In doing that I begin to continue on with my list

37. Planting seedlings with my Mom, making linen spray, talking about making laundry soap....all things that should be treasured.
38. Listening to my Ellie talk about going to her friends house for a playdate...when did she grow up?
39. Being with friends who really know you...and love you ANYWAY!
40. Gorgeous burlap pillows....all for me:)
41. Watching Trey shoot hoops at b-ball practice...and making it:)
42. Sharing heart and hurts with friends who KNOW your pain and have lived it
43. Time with my hubby
44. Chubby cheeks and curly hair, big eyelashes....love to watch baby girl sleep.
45. Did I mention my laptop is back!

These things and more...in just a day...so easy to focus on

Price of gas---I about cried at the pump today

The weather-will spring ever come?

When I write the gifts I remember the good...joy comes...trust comes...and life as I know it...is changed.

May His name be praised!

By the way...when did my babies get so big? These were taken nearly two years ago and the change is unbelievable...the moments are going to fast...and I can't seem to make them slow down.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Gifts Continue

I cannot for a moment even begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading this book. Who would have ever thought that something so simple....could change you so much. I am learning to change....to look for things I haven't looked for...feels like I've wasted so much. Learning to trust my Savior again, learning to thank Him for ALL He's done...not live in fear that sadness will and loss will come again...He wants me to be happy, to trust, to love...to REST in Him.

29. The smell of my favorite candles.
30. Listening to my 3 yr old sing praise songs.
31. Seeing my son help make muffins.
32. The smell of my house clean after I've been sick and not able to manage it.
33. Clean laundry, warm right out of the dryer
34. Kids and husband taking second helpings of a meal I worked hard to prepare.
35. Being there for the moments when your child "get" a lesson you have worked so hard to teach them.
36. Blue speckled eggs
37. Sweet comments from friends.

Spring? Are YOu coming soon?

Last week was gorgeous....right now I'm just trying to make it to Thursday when the temps will once again be gorgeous...I hope.

Today, I'm finally well after a VERY long three days of being ill...and as for this winter? The Segrist family has been ill more than well and I'm ready for spring so I thought I would share some pics that are making me think warm thoughts as we do school today, clean and cook and get ready for the warm days ahead....they are sure to come!

Hopefully soon we will be able to take pics of flowers outside and little sister wants a swingset for her big birthday coming up....can she really be almost four???

Happy Muffin Monday!

I'm very bad about morning traditions. I'm more of a night owl sorta girl so when my friend Julia and Michelle told me about this I knew I had to try it. Just to let you know how horrible I am about starting a new routine....Julia had to text me last night to remind me AND even gave me a recipe to try which I most certainly did:) Aren't friends GRAND:)

So, first of all since I wasn't still feeling well last night I had my son mix these up last night....that is a BIG key making sure the batter is mixed up the night before!

We made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

1 2/3 cup flour
1 cup sugar
1 T pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 t baking powder
dash of salt
2 eggs
1 cup plain pumpkin
1/2 c butter melted
1 cup choc chips

We just put all the ingredients in and turned on the mixer for a few seconds turned out lovely.

Monday morning I woke up turned on the oven to 350 and put them in for 20-25 minutes.


Now we have muffins in our tummy....MOmmy is better....school can start....if my laptop is returned today that will be PERFECT!!!!!

Have a GREAT day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Learning to Live

I'm up late...oh how I wanted to sleep and turn over a new leaf tomorrow...I will...I'll change. As soon as I lay down the coughing continued so much so it was disturbing my husband's slumber...so I'm at the computer...bearing my soul...hoping that now rest will come.

This season has been rough...many fights I've had with myself...I feel tired and exhausted as if I've been through a physical fight. The fight has been spiritual...and at times I felt I would lose..I would give in..but God held out His hand and I took it. I dared to look at Him in a way that I never have...to really begin a relationship.

I have told many about my book "one thousand gifts" some of you have embraced it as I have and some of you just looked at me with an arched brow...I tell you this book will change your spiritual life...I started it awhile ago and as with many books I must go slow because this one is a "chewer". I must process it slowly.

Dealing with ongoing constant sickness this winter, with family difficulties, with more responsibilities, with people saying mean things about me, with signing up for to many things, for being out of God's house due to illness, for being separated from friends because of illness...my heart has grown callous and mean, stubborn and hurt..afraid and reluctant...wanting to quit, wanting to withdraw....never to try again. We build walls so easily but take so long to tear them down. By "we" I mean me. I try to make new friends....and then it seems someone will hurt me, lie about me....making me not want to try anymore. I let it fester, go back to that wound and itch it...again and again....brew about it...let bitterness reign...let hurt take complete control and tear my heart apart...I was there...ripping it apart...ready to say "FINE, YOU WIN!| Then I read my notebook on which I have started writing the unique gifts that God gives me every day and my heart was listening once again to the words.."I love you, I made you, I care about you....you are worth it." For me when I write the gifts I learn to trust again in the Almighty, I learn to be loved again, I learn to accept the gifts and give again...I learn to let go of the hurt and enjoy and accept the good and the bad that He sends my way with the same kind of heart attitude.

May you all enjoy this book as I have...when you are caught up in the hurt, the scars, the mundane...start counting the gifts...and you will see the blessings unfold.

May HIs name be praised!

I would encourage you to visit her website to join in on her blog it is a wonderful thing to see how God has changed others lives as well as my own.

My JellyBean Tree

Easter has kinda "snuck" up on me. I just decorated our store and our house and returning to my favorite HObby Lobby to get a few more "touches" found me wondering where in the WORLD did everything go???

So, I saw this idea somewhere don't remember where so I made one for our store! Pretty easy...just taking the time to sit down and finish it. It took me about three days...not working on it straight mind you but trying to fit it in when I could.

WE had some glorious days here during the beginning of the week where I was able to paint two chairs for my kitchen table and paint these styrofoam balls pink for this project! Now its freezing and I have a cold but hoping to be on the mend soon!

So, I took about two bags of jelly beans per tree...foam base to secure, spanish moss and of course my trusty glue gun and a cute ribbon.

Here is my finished project...I think it turned out cute enough to be "store worthy". So far people really like it at our store!

I'm now going to make one with Pink gumballs for Ellie's pinkalicious party!

The Best Meatballs EVER!

My husband and two stepdaughters are very picky so when I have something that two out of three of them like I'm thrilled!

My husband says that these meatballs are YUMMO (ok those are my words not his) but he did say that they were just as good as a friend of ours who we believe to be one of the best cooks on earth...Pam M you know who you are:)

Anyway, here is the recipe...I make a huge batch, freeze them and have them on those nights we are running to soccer or bball or gymnastics practice which is A LOT here lately!

1 1\2 lbs ground meat
1\4 cup dry bread crumbs
1\3 cup onion, chopped
1\4 cup milk
1 egg
1 T parsley flakes
1 tsp salt
1\8 t pepper
1 T worcestershire sauce

I triple this recipe every time.

Combine all ingredients and mix together gently. I personally put this in my kitchenaid mixer on low and its so much easier! Shape mixture into balls and arrange on jelly roll pan. Cover meatballs and flash freeze. Remove from pan and freeze in freezer bags.

The Great Purge

Since January I've been purging our house and when my son goes to several camps this summer I will purge even more!

I have become a slave to "things". The things I have purchased I have bought on sale, got at a garage sale or just "fell in love" who could resist at 90 percent off ey? Well, four years ago we started the Dave Ramsey plan and with it came learning to buy what was absolutely essential to have...what I found is that what I was buying was far from essential. True, it was adorable and at a great price....but not necessary.

I would go to Children's Place or Old Navy and buy their clothes for my kids at the end of the season (I still do this but with a different method in mind) My daughter doesn't really NEED twelve shirts that are only a $1 does she? I have found that now that she likes to dress herself she's picking the cute adorable Target outfits I bought her and wearing those every day never touching the Old Navy stuff etc. My point being...her drawers are stuffed to the max and my son couldn't even keep up with the organization that I was requiring of him for his mass amounts of clothes...so about last year I greatly cut down on what I bought and was waiting for them to grow out of their clothes...I didn't have to wait long. I have a HUGE clothing sale coming up in a couple of weeks!

To make a statement to myself I took the huge amount of pillows, flowers, dishes, crystal that I haven't used in twelve years, frames, clothes for adults, boots, you name it...it was ridiculous....it took three carts at the Goodwill plus four HUGE trashbags...but to me it felt so stinkin GOOD to get rid of! After the huge amount of clothes are out of the basement I will be feeling EVEN BETTER!

I went to Target picked out a few adorable outfits for my daughter for spring and some for summer, got one pair of adorable sandals and rainboots and we are off! I am no longer going to be a slave to "stuff."

I now have a list of things I'm looking for for my home and if its not on the list or I don't know where I would put it, it doesn't go in the cart. I also have "fun money" which is on the Dave Ramsey plan so there is no longer the "guilt". I saved up my money so I'm paying cash not taking money from my family to buy a "want."

My kids are happier because they are not slaves to as much stuff and its fun to see BLANK areas....so much cleaner....clutter be banished from my home FOREVER!

Here's a small look at what we took to the wonderful GoodWill!

THat was the BACK of the van there was stuffed crammed in on the side of the van also. My "garage sale" pile downstairs is MUCH smaller and I am thrilled!

Have a great day....my voice is slowly but surely coming back and the hacking so far seems to be better today!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I'm in Park

I have had a great week. I've had gorgeous weather, got a lot of things accomplished and errands run that I haven't had time to do. This Wednesdays my piano students will be thrilled with their new books (ok maybe not thrilled but I sure am). I then was able to teach my Upward cheerleading girls a fun cheer that I did back in the day (and they are still little enough to think that its cool :) ) So, today was going to be my cooking like a crazy and catching up on spring cleaning but last night I started feeling kinds sicky poo and then Ellianna awoke at 2am with some bad dream about a dog and I knew I was sick...not flu sick..but coughing, hacking, all around YUCK feel. I decided to get up and work hard and after I cleaned the kitchen counter KNEW I was in BIG trouble! So, I decided to rest....I was annoyed at the time but I decided to rest...and as I looked at my dusty chandilers, my dirty floors and the messy carpets I decided that it will be there tomorrow for me to clean and the next..and the next.

So, who knows what the weekend will bring there are busy activities for the weekend and I"m not sure how that will work out. I don't have my laptop back so no pics since I'm using my hubbies computer....so I'm really learning to rest. REST, QUIET, being still.....its not always my favorite thing...but sometimes its for the best. For instance I was able to continue My Gifts List

74. Warm fuzzy blankets
75. Color Books
76. Netflix...my daughter has no idea what a commercial is
77. My son who can vacuum!
78. Long soft ears of a bassett and how she sits by me when I'm not feeling well.
79. Husbands who bring orange juice and ginger ale and coffee :)
80. Teenage step daughters who give Ellianna a bath with joy:)
81. Mrs Meyers lavender candles...I can't smell it really but I like the flicker...perhaps tomorrow I will be able to smell it.
82. Planting sunflowers seeds with Ellie in a small bucket inside for us to watch grow!
83. Movie night with the fam:)

May His name be praised!

Still Among The Living

This week started off amazing! The weather was divine! Today there is snow on the ground (yuck!) However, perfect day for my spring cleaning which I haven't been able to do all week getting errands done that I've put off, and projects done....I haave a lot to blog about...but my laptop is getting fixed (girlfriend here has used too much memory on her hard drive...oops!) So, have a great day....despite our snow here...and hopefully I'll get my laptop back soon!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking Time To Smell The Flowers

AFter the crazy of last week and the weeks to come I decided after looking at our hours for homeschool and all that we accomplished that a week off could benefit all of those living here.

I've looked around at my house and the chores keep piling up, the cooking seems to be done by a wing and a prayer, I find myself teaching Trey and growing impatient that he doesn't "get it" immediately. I have BECOME a SLAVE to my list! If it says I'm supposed to do it then it had BETTER get done! So, I decided that this week we would accomplish those tasks but we would also take a "chill". We would play outside, we would have days where we do "nothing" and we wouldn't feel guilty and by "we" I mean me, because after all isn't that ALWAYS the problem?

I have said yes to to many things, I have overscheduled "good things" but nevertheless I'm not doing ANYTHING well. So, today....I'm re-evaluting, re-scheduling...re-thinking and telling people that I can't be involved in certain things anymore and telling myself to not FEEL guilty! My family MUST become my top priority....my community, my church deserve my time and I will give it....but not constantly. So, I encourage you to look at things in your life that doen't seem to be working (like mine was) and see what can be eliminated and what should stay....remember your a wife and a MOm first!

May HIs name be praised!
Tomorrow, the purging of the whole house that i've been working on is making its way to the Goodwill....YEAH!!!!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Continuing The Blessings

I have to say that today I really took the time to listen...not with my ears but with my heart. I sat and thought about the past week and all the stress of it all and tonight I decided to start backwards from today

76. My daughter laying on my lap licking her lolli just enjoying being together.
77. Blowing bubbles in the spring air and listening to her laugh and run and chase them.
78. Birthday candles blown out by Gma who turned 87 today
79. Singing praise and worship songs with my daughter with her hands on my face trying to feel the words that I sing.
80. Listening to my newest piano student "feel" the music naturally. So beautiful to see a child love the piano.
81. Aprons made with love from two generations ago.
82. Laughter and hugs for new stuffed doggies made by Grandma to hold forever.
83. Watching excitement in my father's eyes with his family surrounding him all together...all of us...peace.
84. Watching baby girl sleep holding pink dog and half smile...a day worth remembering...plain worn out.
85. Strong hands of my husband...around me.
86. laughing with my sisters.
87. My sister standing up for me, protecting me....making me feel strong...protected.
88. Watching a game of ping pong between two sisters who should be clowns instead...making all of us laugh.
89. Uncle helping niece bowl...just the right amount of "help" so she will believe that she did it unassisted.

My cup overflows! May His name be praised!

My heart can hardly take it...truly I can FEEL the breakthrough

Are You Willing?

About two weeks ago my son asked if he could wear a watch that I gave him when his father died. I got them out about two years ago and they have sat on the "special" shelf. It is a difficult situation because I don't want him to think he can't ask or talk about his biological father but at the same time I don't want him to be sad....however, it can't be stopped....he's going to always wonder. So, my husband took the watch to the shop and my stepdaughter got it running again and also got it to fit around his teeny wrist. He has worn it non stop. If it makes him happy I say...let it be and for now....he needs to wear it.

In my book one thousand gifts I've been reading about letting it ALL go. Realizing that saying that and doing that are two different things. I've been chewing on this all week. If I'm truly trusting in my Heavenly Father and believe that He truly loves me and everything that He does is in His perfect will and the absolute BEST for me then I can rest in that PEACE and JOY that I have by knowing that all is well. However, that's a really hard thing to do. To know that if my children, or my husband were taken away again that that would be "well" with me...that I would accept it...that I would take it as the BEST...because God always wants the BEST for me as I do my children. In my book she said "The quiet song of gratitude, eucharisteo, lures humility out of the shadows because to receive a gift the knees must bend humble and the hand must lie vulnerably open and the will must bow to accept whatever the Giver chooses to give." To me that is so terrifying but after really looking at it I feel so inferior for ever doubting Him. Yes, I suffered a huge loss and to me I look around and can get so mad that that happened...but He meant it for good...it was in His plan...it was meant to "grow" me not to hurt me. The peace that comes from that...the joy that seeps back into my weary soul. The joy that comes from peace and a grateful heart. Do you remember when you were little and you could sleep in the car on trips knowing that all was well. Your parents would get you to your destination without any trouble. Sleeping through the night never worrying about bills, packing for vacation....just wondering the things that little ones wonder? Writing in my diary that the highlight of the day was Pizza Hut and an ice cream cone. Only focusing on the things that we as children focus on. Peace and joy because I knew that all was well that my parents would take care of me no matter what. That peace, that calm is what God wants for us. He is in charge...He is never surprised at what happens in life.

It is so very easy for me to point to the bad, the negative, to hold onto the fear, the abnormal expectations of perfection that I "feel" I must live up to to be able to "earn" His "goodness" of protection for myself and all that I love. I'm not saying that I shouldn't bear the fruit of a christian, that I should treat people poorly but I must change the way I view God. He is the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning and the End....but He longs for a RELATIONSHIP with us....not to just be worshiped...but to trust, to converse, to REST in.

The older I get the more time seems to speed up, the more things become clearer but I become frustrated with not being able to grasp fast enough. I seem to get the lesson after the "test" is over. So, I continue my list of simple things that i never would have written before that are clearer to me each day how much He truly loves me. Others may hate me (a few do) others may say bad things about me, others may dislike me just because they "think" I'm something I'm not....I can't change that....I can only continue to rest and trust in my Savior, to cling to Him, to be thankful for the "gifts" that He has given me.

May His name be praised!

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This weekend I was able to see family that I haven't seen since last December and by that I mean 2009. My family is spread apart and is very large and getting together is very difficult. For instance, I had to re-arrange the whole weekend to be able to do this but it was important to make time for your family.

The first thing we did was have the family meet at my parents house for breakfast for yummy doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (what could be better) Then it was a huge caravan that went to bowling!

Trey was playing on the "big boys" team and couldn't be bothered by me and my frivilous pics!

Then the little ones got medals for their participation in bowling and as you can see my Ellie was thrilled!

Then my absolute favorite thing...my sister Kathie (my 2nd sister) made aprons for all of us for our upcoming bdays and they have a patchwork square that was made from my Grandmother and Great-grandmother. They were handstitched and they are gorgeous, plus its something from my Nanny and her Mom, so I being one who loves ALL things old was thrilled!

Then it was time for the annual pingpong tournament! I did pretty well but lost 5-10 to my sister Ronda....I therefore lost the trophy this year :( so sad for me!

My absolute favorite thing was....my Mom made Ellianna (grandchild) Jackson (great grandchild) and Chloe (great grandchild) doggies and they LOVED them. These for me hold the greatest memories. My mom made dolls, dogs, dresses and housecoats and blankets for us as gifts growing up and I loved them all. To be able to have these for my daughter to hold onto are wonderful and I'm so thrilled that she has a piece of my Mom.

These pictures are adorable and make me smile so big!

I love this pic...wish I would have had a better camera to take it with though but I wish you could have heard their laughter and their "conversation". It was wonderful to hear it, to be with family, to enjoy each others company. To let the busyness of today go for a little while and listen to the laughter and enjoy the time together. My parents won't be around forever, children don't stay children for long and I don't want to be the one that missed it all by having to do chores constantly and run errands. I want to sit and hear the laughter!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breathe In Breathe Out

Many of you who are close to me know that this week has been brutal and there are so many family events this weekend that my head just HURTS trying to make sure that the six people that live here are going in the right place and no one gets left behind. Throw in there responsibilities that I have made and things I've made commitments to add in a dash of cleaning, a sprinkle of laundry and a pinch of cooking and we have the "meltdown" phase that seems to consume me and I'm trying so hard to keep it at bay!

Last night after my five hour meeting with our consultant in which he informed me of some severe changes that affect me very soon my mind was trying very hard to absorb all that he had told us. I was happy to listen and was actually relieved....he didn't give me bad news but I was trying to absorb....went to bed at midnight....what is up with the wind last night? My house has stood for over a 100 yrs and last night I was sure that it was done for! I couldn't sleep found my way downstairs to sleep on the couch and them my beloved bassett decided that she missed me and wanted to be closed so she had to lay beside me and then decided that she needed outside at 2am and then of course was terrified by the wind as well....did I mention that my hubby came down at 3:30am to take our consultant BACK to the airport. At 4am I found sleep, glorious sleep....only to be awakened by 7:30ish to begin a new day.

Today found me dragging and trying to do all that needed to be done but I failed...I yelled, I was cranky...I was annoyed. With all the busyness of life I just want to stop it all and sit and be still....but life doesn't always give me that opportunity.

I constantly hold myself to this level of high expectations of unattainable goals that I can never reach but try so hard to do so. I come across as strong, self secure and able to be self-sufficient...where if I must be honest...I crave praise...I crave pats on the back, not making people upset, I hate for people to be upset with me but then...I get angry that people do. I have cried myself to sleep, I have completely found myself wanting to withdraw from all and just stay in my house nursing my hurts refusing to continue, wanting to quit, knowing that Satan had me where he wanted me...but I didn't care...I didn't want to move...I didn't want to give in.

What makes me a christian quit trying, why would I do that as a person who has the strength of our Savior behind me...why would I need more than that? I am not God, I do not have super-human strength but I do so very much want to only care about what my Savior thinks of me...why do I bother worrying and caring and fretting over what others think of me. This season of winter has been hard...I have found myself wanting to quit...not wanting to go on. To make drastic changes in my church attendance...all because of how I "feel"? I have found the whispers of Satan to strong to ignore. I believe that we as women have no idea what our words can say to the other...I believe that's where Satan works his hardest. I had a dear lady come up to me and apologize for something she said to me three weeks ago. Her heart was sincere and she was sorry....just so you know it was nothing horrific it was just a little..."ding" shall we say. She hugged me and told me that she was sorry and I don't know what she said...I truly don't remember but I will tell you that her words started a chain reaction...I don't say this to tell you this woman is horrible and I blame her for my sin...because my attitude was sin. I tell you this to say...my words better be "thought out" before I say them because Satan is ready and willing to use them...and I KNOW he has used them again and again.

No matter how many verses my big mouth has had to memorize in college, highschool, you name it sister...I STILL speak without thinking....whatever is in the ol brain is officially on the TONGUE and its moving! WHEN WILL I CHANGE?

Proverbs 12:18
Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.

That is who I want to be...wise...not always speaking my mind...which isn't always worth hearing. I have quick wit..comes from being brought up in a loud family where you learn to swim quick by being louder and being quicker with your tongue (anyone reading this from my family will NOT disagree) I am a strong woman...I won't deny it I've learned to survive by gritting my teeth and pushing forward...but life doesn't always require that "take charge GRRR attitude" It sometimes requires a soft answer, a gentle spirit, an encouraging word.

May His name be praised!

Rainbow Water, Bubber, and ABC Book

Today we worked on our St. Patty's Day craft and made Rainbow water for the occasion. I know that many people are doing amazing crafts today with their kids but we are exhausted after our busy week and gearing up for the insanity of the rest of the week.

First thing we did was the St. Patty's craft from Shirley's Packaged CRafts. I bought her April set also...I think its a GREAT idea!

Then we decided to make Rainbow water which I have to tell you was more fun than I thought it would be. I wasn't sure how much Ellie would enjoy it but throughout the morning I would find her back stacking, sorting, carrying...it was cute!

To make:
1. Water bottles
2. Fill 3/4 way with water
3. Add 1/2 c cooking oil
4. Drops of food color

Then she ENJOYED shaking the bottles to mix the colors.

We also use Bubber....we have had this for over a year...vacuums easily....does not dry out. We absolutely LOVE using it!

When I have several subjects with Trey to do we get her ABC book out that I laminated and three hole punched and she practices her writing and numbers. She loves it!

Happy ST. Patty's Day! Enjoy the lovely weather!