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Monday, March 14, 2011

All About Reading and Poky Puppy Lapbook

O.k. my son is sick and there is snow on the ground but I'm still sooooo super duper excited about this program All About Reading. I started using her material last year during our first year of homeschooling and we just finished with her sixth book of spelling for Trey. It is super duper and I'll be using it for Ellianna. It is awesome and I'm sure that this reading program will be no different.

This is what you get when your order the packet. I chose to hang up the Alphabet charts on the back of my dining room door. No one will see it when its open and its open all the time. The first thing we did was sing the alphabet song to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb. It was weird at first but I really liked it because it didn't run L M N O P together like the original.

Then we read our story about the alligator and she found all the A's in the story. Then she colored her alphabet page.

THEN we had the most fun with Ziggy the Zebra....truly hilarious!

ok first of all, don't judge me. I've had a sick hubby for the past week which makes sleeping for me not fun and I now have a sick boy....plus an insane week ahead...focus instead on the adorable zebra...not the lady who needs more sleep and her hair done!

Ziggy Zebra would say "Is this your land?" and Ellie would die laughing and say "No, its my hand!" "is this your south?" "no! It's my mouth!" "For sure this is your deer?" "No!!!! That is my EAR!" She would say. So funny!

So, that's what we did for our lesson today then we read A Pokey Little Puppy and did a lapbook!

We even got to talk about where we live and color that and where other people live and color that.

Sometimes I mess up and things don't work. I laminated her Jessie bear but was cutting out the clothes like regular paper dolls.....didn't work she bored easily so I will be putting velcro on the bear and the clothes and that way it will work easier so we then went to the rainbow matching letter games. The key is seeing what works for your child and then being able to "scratch" it and not fret about it and move one!

Have a GREAT day! As always all materials for the Pokey Little Puppy lapbook were downloaded for FREE at homeschoolshare.com! Enjoy! The sun is shining the nasty snow is melting!

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