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Thursday, March 3, 2011

...AND....We're BACK!

For many of us this winter has been LONG, LONG, LONG and downright depressing. I know that there are more days that I get on facebook and see more of my friends with sick kids than not. It is an understatement to say that we are ready for SPRING please!

For the last two years every year around August Ellianna gets sick and STAYS sick until about mid March or April....she's only 3 1/2. Needless to say this has made life a bit of a....downer. I have changed pediatricians three times and go to an ENT who finally heard me about her constant ear infections....put in tubes....no more ear infections for TWO years...thank you! NOW, he has come to my rescue AGAIN and after MUCH prayer from friends and family and persistence from ME...not my comfort zone AT ALL! He has come to my rescue again and given me the diagnosis of asthma with triggers of colds, and weather changes and has offered some options to reduce flare ups. WHICH EQUALS HAPPY Mom, happy daughter. It's not that she's just been sick...its that we have missed out on so much. She misses out on so much! So, I'm thrilled beyond belief that we now have a diagnosis and not just doctors telling me that she has croup for two years running!

So, for the past week we have been doing LIGHT school with Ellianna but even though kiddos are sick they can't possibly watch tv (nor should they all day) Ellianna is MUCH better today but still tires easily but these were two activities that we were able to do!

The first one is some pre-packaged crafts that I got from Shirley's Pre-Packaged crafts. It comes every month of the school year with a box of craft ideas and books that you can check out at the library for each craft. Today's was a simple craft but that's what we needed. She also has scriptures and Bible lessons that go with some of the crafts. I will keep you posted on how we like this as we go.

Today's craft was the ice cream cone in which she could color and think about getting ice cream again and then counting and gluing the pieces together. She enjoyed it very much as you can see!

Since we were sick we watched the movie and she enjoyed telling me that where they live and what they breathe with and getting our her "puppets" when the characters were on the screen.

The Nemo book materials can be printed out for FREE on homeschoolshare.com

Have a great day! Hope everyone is feeling good soon!

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