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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Clowning for Carnival

This past Friday night found me clowning at St. Paul Carnival. I have clowned for them for the past five years. They are the ones that gave me my first chance at clowning and have kept calling me back even though none of our children attend there anymore. It's always a very busy night and usually a pretty constant line.

It was so funny to see two Mom's and my cheerleaders from my Upward squad who were just in SHOCK that it was me. I hear the comment a lot " I had NO idea that was you, it doesn't even LOOK like you!" I always laugh at that....I certainly HOPE NOT!

I had two kids that were terrified of me and some that scowled at me but for the most part the kids had a good time. I had a few that would ask me for amazing animals that even their parents started laughing at....I can do several animals and several things but certainly I have not devoted my life to making balloon animals.

For those of you involved in the "what to wear" dilemma I chose the "traditional Miss Dot attire." My children enjoyed the carnival as well and Ellianna went right to sleep as soon as we got home even though I really wanted to rid her of all germs as soon as possible.

As always I thank St. Paul for the opportunity and the kids for being so polite and the parents for their smiles and laughter....and yes....don't worry about asking Miss Dot for a pic ever that's my FAVORITE thing to do!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend....we are all plumb tuckered at our house so off to sleep we ALL go!

These pics were not from the carnival the other night, but just some misc pics that I had but the outfit is the one and only "original". I very much love clowning and look forward doing it again soon. It makes my soul happy and my spirit soar!

To find out more of what I do or see more pics you can visit my facebook page Miss Dot or my blog www.missdotfindsaclown.blogspot.com

Have a great day!

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