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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Great Purge

Since January I've been purging our house and when my son goes to several camps this summer I will purge even more!

I have become a slave to "things". The things I have purchased I have bought on sale, got at a garage sale or just "fell in love" who could resist at 90 percent off ey? Well, four years ago we started the Dave Ramsey plan and with it came learning to buy what was absolutely essential to have...what I found is that what I was buying was far from essential. True, it was adorable and at a great price....but not necessary.

I would go to Children's Place or Old Navy and buy their clothes for my kids at the end of the season (I still do this but with a different method in mind) My daughter doesn't really NEED twelve shirts that are only a $1 does she? I have found that now that she likes to dress herself she's picking the cute adorable Target outfits I bought her and wearing those every day never touching the Old Navy stuff etc. My point being...her drawers are stuffed to the max and my son couldn't even keep up with the organization that I was requiring of him for his mass amounts of clothes...so about last year I greatly cut down on what I bought and was waiting for them to grow out of their clothes...I didn't have to wait long. I have a HUGE clothing sale coming up in a couple of weeks!

To make a statement to myself I took the huge amount of pillows, flowers, dishes, crystal that I haven't used in twelve years, frames, clothes for adults, boots, you name it...it was ridiculous....it took three carts at the Goodwill plus four HUGE trashbags...but to me it felt so stinkin GOOD to get rid of! After the huge amount of clothes are out of the basement I will be feeling EVEN BETTER!

I went to Target picked out a few adorable outfits for my daughter for spring and some for summer, got one pair of adorable sandals and rainboots and we are off! I am no longer going to be a slave to "stuff."

I now have a list of things I'm looking for for my home and if its not on the list or I don't know where I would put it, it doesn't go in the cart. I also have "fun money" which is on the Dave Ramsey plan so there is no longer the "guilt". I saved up my money so I'm paying cash not taking money from my family to buy a "want."

My kids are happier because they are not slaves to as much stuff and its fun to see BLANK areas....so much cleaner....clutter be banished from my home FOREVER!

Here's a small look at what we took to the wonderful GoodWill!

THat was the BACK of the van there was stuffed crammed in on the side of the van also. My "garage sale" pile downstairs is MUCH smaller and I am thrilled!

Have a great day....my voice is slowly but surely coming back and the hacking so far seems to be better today!

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