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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Joys of Motherhood

Today I had to laugh at myself. Here I am going down the road...my husband is driving...asking me for directions from my gps on my phone...my child is barfing in the backseat....and I just want to yell "PAUSE!" Does anyone else feel that way? I seriously was like...I'm catching barf, trying to give directions for the doctors office in kc and my biggest concern is...the bottom of this kleenex box is NOT going to make it much further..." In years past I would have been embarrassed about my kid throwing up and people passing us seeing it or my beHIND sticking up in the air for all to see....NOW...I guess at the age of 36 I'm saying..."Who cares?" Just please, please LORD please...don't let this kleenex box fail me now! As we got to the doctors office I changed my daughter's clothes, realized that the purple pink stripe socks with the green and orange pants and shirt were probably NOT a "go" but I was just happy that I had remembered a change of clothes and wondering where I had left that little plastic bucket that I had ready to go??? Get into the building realize....we are in the WRONG building! Off to the car, Ellianna loses her shoe....onward....we are going to find answers today! No throw up, no shoe losing, no non matching child could stop me!!! Off we go!

Today after two years of asking and pleading with doctors...I found answers! My child does have asthma...I'm NOT crazy and she has not had the longest croup illness ever. My YEARS of persistence finally got me somewhere....my FIRM declaration to the pediatrician finally PAID off....and I could hear the applause of mothers everywhere in my ears as I left the office (ok not really) but you know how you keep trying to help your child and No ONE will listen and all the doctors think your crazy....well today my dear ENT heard me! I wanted to let out a loud YES! I felt like seriously hugging the man I was so happy!

We as mothers...we know our kids....we know when something is wrong...when something isn't right....and I will just say...keep on fighting sister...my battle I'm sure is not over...but perhaps my daughter can have a normal life. For two years we have kept her out of church and other activities for six months out of the year...only to have her still get sick and still have these ongoing illnesses with long bouts of steroid use....well today! Today is a new day and we can have our lives back and she can quit missing out!

YEEAH! Big roar!

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