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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Making Laundry Soap and Fabric Softner

Like many of you I want to save money. My grocery bill each week seems to be up $60 each time and I'm buying the same things. I've cut back on what I buy but cleaning supplies was the BIG thing that I have to really keep in check.

Ellianna my daughter has had a lot of problems with allergies so I have tried to start eliminating everything that I use that has chemicals....which is MOST of my cleaning products...more about that another time.

So, for awhile now I've been wanting to do this but now I've finally taken the plunge thanks to my dear friends Melissa, Rebecca, and of course my friend Pam who all have been doing this for awhile and are enjoying their CLEAN clothes.

My husband enjoys the bottom line so he wanted to know what the prices were for all the things I bought. The first thing I will tell you is that this made three gallons.

Here's the breakdown of what I bought:

1. Washing Soda- $2.74
2. Two bars of Dove soap-$2.64
3. Suave shampoo-.84
4. Tide not on sale but found two coupons in box for $2 off-$13.99
5. Shelf Tote- 6 gallon $5.97
6. 3 2 gallon jugs $6 each
7. Borax around $2
So there is the breakdown of what it costs immediately out of pocket. After using all of these products I have enough for at least one more batch without having to restock anything and then the next time I make it just have to buy Tide.

So here are the steps and pics to help you along the way. This is not my recipe I got this from the blog FarmingOnFaith. She has AMAZING blog with TONS of ideas for homemade cleaning products.

1 bar Dove Soap
1 1/2 c Borax
1 1/2 c Washing Soda
1 gal of water
2 gal of cold water
6 cups of Tide (optional)

This is a look at what you need! Aren't they pretty!

Next---grate your bar of soap. Some people chop it, some people put it in their food processor. I grated it. That's what I did!

Your grating this into one gallon of water on medium heat. Smells YUMMOOOO!

whisk to blend.

2. Add Borax and washing soda it will start to thicken then add six cups of Tide (if you want) I added two at a time then stirred (a recommendation from my dear friend Melissa) then whisk and stir for 10-15 minutes.

3. Pour heated mixture into large container

add two more gallons of water. Whisk several times over the next several hours while it sets up. It took mine about three hours to set up and it smelled lovely while waiting!

These are the lovely containers that I bought because I like things to look pretty. Doing laundry is a chore but having pretty things surrounding you make the chore a bit nicer shall we say?

Fabric Softner

1 cup vinegar
2 cups hair conditioner
6 cups of water.

Mix all of this together

Just realized that I used shampoo instead of conditioner (DUH) good thing that was only a $1 loss. GRACIOUS!

As soon as my essential oils come I will be making linen spray.

There ya go! Have fun girls!


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  3. Can you point me in the direction where I can buy one of those gallon containers? (particullary the blue one) Thank you!

  4. Can you point me in the direction where I can purchase one of those gallon containers? particalary the blue one? Thank you! :)

  5. I got these at Target probably a little over a year ago. They were hard to find and I know that Walmart sells the clear ones. I know that our stores usually carry those types of containers around the spring and summer time.

  6. this is wonderful laundry soap, and it goes a long way. I used fez nap soap instead of dove and it works the same.