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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making Linen Spray

So, what does a girl do that has a consultant coming in to chat about our business in a five hour meeting and a million and one things that are going on this week and more laundry and cleaning and a sick child and trying to wrap a million presents for a reunion this weekend that I'm having trouble figuring out how I'm getting to because there are five million things happening on the same day and all I want to do is....well, enjoy spring??? Well, she makes linen spray you see...because after all adding more things to my list makes me....CRAZY!

However, this literally took me like five minutes to do..and it is sooo much better and cheaper than Febreeze (and I was a serious Febreeze user). After my daughter has had such problems with asthma I've really tried to cut back on all the chemicals in EVERYTHING I use.

So, here ya go!

Oh by the by for all my "frugal" girls and you know who you are the orange essential oil was $2.75 and the Lavender was $6.25 and I'm pretty sure they will last an eternity plus there was shipping involved but I'm pretty sure that you will agree that the savings is RIDICULOUS!

2 tbsp of witch hazel
Distilled Water
20 drops of scented oil (I used lavendar from Natures Garden and I also bought the citrus)

So you just put the witch hazel in and add the drops of whatever essential oil you've decided on and then pour the water in until it is almost full, give it a shake and spray your little heart out...right now I need all the "calming" spray I can get my hands on!

Have a great day and the weather outside is finally....dare I say it????? SPRING like! It has been two days since I've seen the snow:) Go and enjoy your day and try not to use the words "five million" a dozen times like I did in this post!

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