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Monday, March 7, 2011

Medical Kit and Jessie Bear Laptop Book

Wow! What a day! I have my Ellianna well and now the rest of my house is coming down with the coughing, running nose YUCK! I want to disinfect the whole entire house so badly but I feel sooo crummy...so it will have to wait...I'm making a futile attempt with clorox wipes on the doorknobs and the computers and remotes....still looking forward to SERIOUSLY disinfecting this whole house SOON! Now, I'm completely off track!

ANYWAY, since Ellianna has spent the last six months at the doctors every six weeks I decided that doing a little school on that would be fun maybe make it a little less daunting when we go back this Thursday...so I got her some of her very own "medical tools" and she is very excited about using them and reading her books with me.

Now for the Jessie Bear lapbook. I knew this one would be long but she had a lot of fun doing it!

First I got her the Bear puzzle where I had her change all their outfits for summer, bedtime, winter, rain. She had a lot of fun doing that.

Then we talked about the letter B and all the words that started with B.

and of course the healthy things that Jessie Bear eats!

Learning to follow directions.

Then....her favorite game....find the BEAR!

Her completed lap book!

Tomorrow we are busy with enrichment classes with our homeschool group but on Wednesday we will be doing a lapbook on Pokey Little Puppy. Also all of my lapbooks I download for FREE from confessionsof a homeschooler.com and homeschoolshare.com.

Have a great day and praying for warm weather soon! Also, I'm going to take the plunge soon and make my own laundry detergent. I'm not thrilled with Mrs Meyers detergent but LOVE the dishwash tabs and toilet bowl cleaner and candles (I feel bad saying something negative about Mrs Meyers)

I'm off to finish piano lessons with my son and his last spelling lesson of the year!!!! YEAH!!!! We made it!

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