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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now to APPLY!

I finished my book today One Thousand Gifts....I sorta cheered, sent a text to my sister...it felt like I was "crossing over" into a "new life" waving at the old one as I went over. I was all alone in the library while both of my children were having their homeschool classes and I was alone in the quiet....alone in the presence of the Almighty. I could feel it...I know that change is coming. Today, in the crazy, insanity, busy of this day I tried VERY hard to "be there in that moment" to not use the day as a "check my list off." In doing that I begin to continue on with my list

37. Planting seedlings with my Mom, making linen spray, talking about making laundry soap....all things that should be treasured.
38. Listening to my Ellie talk about going to her friends house for a playdate...when did she grow up?
39. Being with friends who really know you...and love you ANYWAY!
40. Gorgeous burlap pillows....all for me:)
41. Watching Trey shoot hoops at b-ball practice...and making it:)
42. Sharing heart and hurts with friends who KNOW your pain and have lived it
43. Time with my hubby
44. Chubby cheeks and curly hair, big eyelashes....love to watch baby girl sleep.
45. Did I mention my laptop is back!

These things and more...in just a day...so easy to focus on

Price of gas---I about cried at the pump today

The weather-will spring ever come?

When I write the gifts I remember the good...joy comes...trust comes...and life as I know it...is changed.

May His name be praised!

By the way...when did my babies get so big? These were taken nearly two years ago and the change is unbelievable...the moments are going to fast...and I can't seem to make them slow down.

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