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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking Time To Smell The Flowers

AFter the crazy of last week and the weeks to come I decided after looking at our hours for homeschool and all that we accomplished that a week off could benefit all of those living here.

I've looked around at my house and the chores keep piling up, the cooking seems to be done by a wing and a prayer, I find myself teaching Trey and growing impatient that he doesn't "get it" immediately. I have BECOME a SLAVE to my list! If it says I'm supposed to do it then it had BETTER get done! So, I decided that this week we would accomplish those tasks but we would also take a "chill". We would play outside, we would have days where we do "nothing" and we wouldn't feel guilty and by "we" I mean me, because after all isn't that ALWAYS the problem?

I have said yes to to many things, I have overscheduled "good things" but nevertheless I'm not doing ANYTHING well. So, today....I'm re-evaluting, re-scheduling...re-thinking and telling people that I can't be involved in certain things anymore and telling myself to not FEEL guilty! My family MUST become my top priority....my community, my church deserve my time and I will give it....but not constantly. So, I encourage you to look at things in your life that doen't seem to be working (like mine was) and see what can be eliminated and what should stay....remember your a wife and a MOm first!

May HIs name be praised!
Tomorrow, the purging of the whole house that i've been working on is making its way to the Goodwill....YEAH!!!!!!!

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