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Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I'm in Park

I have had a great week. I've had gorgeous weather, got a lot of things accomplished and errands run that I haven't had time to do. This Wednesdays my piano students will be thrilled with their new books (ok maybe not thrilled but I sure am). I then was able to teach my Upward cheerleading girls a fun cheer that I did back in the day (and they are still little enough to think that its cool :) ) So, today was going to be my cooking like a crazy and catching up on spring cleaning but last night I started feeling kinds sicky poo and then Ellianna awoke at 2am with some bad dream about a dog and I knew I was sick...not flu sick..but coughing, hacking, all around YUCK feel. I decided to get up and work hard and after I cleaned the kitchen counter KNEW I was in BIG trouble! So, I decided to rest....I was annoyed at the time but I decided to rest...and as I looked at my dusty chandilers, my dirty floors and the messy carpets I decided that it will be there tomorrow for me to clean and the next..and the next.

So, who knows what the weekend will bring there are busy activities for the weekend and I"m not sure how that will work out. I don't have my laptop back so no pics since I'm using my hubbies computer....so I'm really learning to rest. REST, QUIET, being still.....its not always my favorite thing...but sometimes its for the best. For instance I was able to continue My Gifts List

74. Warm fuzzy blankets
75. Color Books
76. Netflix...my daughter has no idea what a commercial is
77. My son who can vacuum!
78. Long soft ears of a bassett and how she sits by me when I'm not feeling well.
79. Husbands who bring orange juice and ginger ale and coffee :)
80. Teenage step daughters who give Ellianna a bath with joy:)
81. Mrs Meyers lavender candles...I can't smell it really but I like the flicker...perhaps tomorrow I will be able to smell it.
82. Planting sunflowers seeds with Ellie in a small bucket inside for us to watch grow!
83. Movie night with the fam:)

May His name be praised!

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