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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Expectations I set!

So today....interesting I have to say...nothing horribly exciting to write about just interesting:)

After juggling the "Mom, I can't figure this problem out?" and listening in the other room to the child saying "Uh-oh I can't find the GRAY crayon!" to the dog needing out to the oven timer going off, and does ANYONE around her know how to turn off a light or even pick up trash that they dropped on the floor...am I the ONLY ONE that knows or cares how to pick up after oneself?" Then I gave piano lessons and then took my Ellie to gymnastics.

My Ellie and her gymnastics. I have to take a pic of this bright purple sparkly leotard she had to have it cracks me up! Anyway, she has a new teacher this time around and as always any time my kids are involved in something I judge myself. Ellianna is afraid of heights....she also gets distracted easily....she has LOTS of energy. Her last teacher knew how to handle this and did so in a fantastic way. This new teacher seems annoyed by Ellianna...kinda hurts my Momma heart. In a nice way I told her that I was so happy that she got Ellianna to go on the high bar and thankfully the old teacher was behind her and I said "Isn't that so awesome that she got her to do that?" Of course the teacher agreed with me because it was so awesome! However, as I got into my minivan and talked to Ellie about her evening...she was happy....she got a lolli, and a stamp for being good and was so happy...so why wasn't I? I can be a drama queen and was thinking as we were driving..."why is my Ellie picked last? Why is she so scared? Is there something wrong with her? Am I not doing enough for her? When I buy a swingset should I buy special blah blah blah? I mean SERIOUSLY???? WHY do I do this to myself? I'm not raising an Olympic star....she's perfectly content and happy. The reason I signed her up for this is for fun and exercise and learning some coordination but in those few moments I had decided that I was a horrible Mom that I wasn't doing enough for my Ellianna that she would struggle in life...maybe not make friends...I mean I was being SO RIDICULOUS!

That's all it takes...just a moment....and he's got a hold on me again...just a bit of self-doubt, just a bit of regret...and there I am off on the wrong path.

So what if Ellianna is not the perfect gymnast or ballet star she enjoys life and anyone that watches her during Awana will testify to that...today she was singing at the top of her lungs "wes Lord, wes Lord, wes wes Lord, wes Lord, wes Lord, Yes Yes Lord Amen." CRACK me UP! What could be better than that?!

May His name be praised!


  1. Yes, I do this too.. remind me to tell you about Braydens parents as teachers thing a couple of weeks ago. Our children are perfect in God and our eyes and that is OK. Every child has their cute things about them and that is ok too...

  2. Oh what a lovely family and testimony you have. I noticed your blog on my stats tonight.
    Your children are beautiful!
    I remember meeting you coming up the stairs Tuesday at classes.
    I am so excited to find your blog.
    I look forward to following!