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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

YEAH for Good Friends!

I, like you, have an insane week....looking at next week it doesn't seem to be much better. It's at times like these that I just want to approach life like this: Divide and conquer! Now, how much JOY does that give you? That's not really enjoying life is it? Tomorrow is my one day at home in which I plan to clean like a crazy, bake like a crazy and make something that I've been dying to try for a long time....plus I just got this AMAZING kit for Ellie on reading that I'm DYING to try out also! HOWEVER, I have to do school tomorrow and I have my lovely piano students and blah blah blah blah blah...no really I adore my piano students:) So, I've decided that the doctors appointments, cleaning, daily grind, bball games, cheerleading, clowning for carnival, banquets....I will do with JOY...I will try to live in THAT moment...oh and I forgot...chess tournaments. Again.....I will try to live in THAT moment....not do the incredible checker list in my head...but really enjoy what I'm doing RIGHT THEN.

Today as the wonderful slushy mushy rain snow came down I was almost laughing because it was so ridiculous it was like I was being pelted by a snow cones falling from the sky it was like bird dooh but cold? It would land on my head and then slide down my back it was ridiculous! It was like sticking in huge clumps to my sweater....anyway, it was a MESS and I am so DONE with snow....I even started yelling at it...it didn't listen and go away right away I might add. However, today I was thankful for my friends....I do have some and they are very PATIENT people:) My homeschool girls....they tell me the TRUTH....and girls...that's rare...they tell me in love but they set me straight! My church friends...they listen in love...and pray for me and pray for me hard. My stay at home Mom's....they lift me up and get me excited and keep me planted on the ground....and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.

Without friends we fall apart. Without friends to encourage us and help us up when we fall down, when we do wrong, when we need an "attitude" adjustment....we would stay in the pit...I know I would. I would stay there and "waller" so for my one thousand gifts lists I'm putting

49. Friends who tell you the truth when you don't always want to hear it.
50. Slushy snow that makes me laugh
51. windshield wipers
52. cozy sweaters
53. pink and green worn together
54. pictures of newborn babies
55. laughter of friends
56. tissues given by friends with their monogrammed initials on them when your bawling your face off in front of them(yes, it happens on occasion)

Have a great day my dear friends! I love you all!

Now, go make your friend smile!

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