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Monday, April 18, 2011

Coupon Book Completed

So as I told you all, today my son had testing and I had five hours to wait and I used that time to do LOTS of projects that are time consuming! This particular coupon book took around 2 HOURS of that time....totally not kidding!

There are a ton of categories, there are lots of dividers but I can see how much more organized they are and how much easier it is to see what you have and not stand there digging in your coupon file...only to find it AFTER you purchased the product!

The coupon Krazy lady still think that wholesale clubs are a waste of money. On this I have to disagree with her. For instance. I bought 3 bags of Dunkin donuts coffee for a little over 9 dollars for ALL THREE. Anywhere you go they are at BEST 8 dollars EACH...I don't know of anyone who gives you coupons that would make up the difference for that particular item.....AND I'm not aware of any stores here in my town that double coupons. ANYWAY, I'm still skeptical but as I said before I'm willing to try ANYTHING once and especially since its supposed to save me money!

So happy shopping, happy "couponing" and may we all SAVE money :) WITHOUT being wasteful, or hoarding or taking advantage of stores...which is really called STEALING!


  1. Apple Market doubles. :) So does Country Mart but that's in Savannah. I have been using most of my coupons at CVS and Walgreens though. And remember..at these places AND Target you can use a store coupon PLUS a manufact. coupon on the same item!

  2. Well as you know there are a few things at the wholesale clubs that are a great deal. The problem is you have to pay a fee to even shop there. That takes a bit of your savings. I always found that yeast was a HUGE savings at the wholesale clubs but you have to use a lot. I store it in the frig and it stays good a LONG time. Also at Costco they have Kirkland tortilla chips for a good price (if you like them). I don't buy coffee so wouldn't know a good deal if I saw it :)

  3. I had no idea Melissa that Apple Market doubles...seems I have a lot to learn. How do you get coupons for CVS or Walgreens....and I totally did NOT know about TARGET!!! YEAH!!!

  4. SAndy, I do like Sam's but you also have to know your prices to come out on top. I find their produce is normally a much better value...also spices...we enjoy shopping their for parties that we will have at our store....and their cupcakes etc are divine and CHEAP! For large families and buying things for your business it is def worth it....for two to three people...probably not...