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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Coupon Krazy 1st Trip OUT!!!!

I admit that I was skeptical....NO LONGER! I am totally HOOKED! The coupon book was so much easier to find what I needed when I shopped...because I don't have a million years to be in the store. I had written everything down on my handy notebook that I needed even serial numbers on certain items to make sure that I got what I needed.

The beautiful thing about today was the EXTRA prices that Target had going on! One of the things that I had a $2 coupon for also gave me back a $5 gift card back to Target. That was a BEAUTIFUL thing!

I had a lot of coupons for toys....something I don't normally buy but my Ellie will be 4 soon and Easter is coming...so these coupons were WELL worth it!

First I will show you what I bought....and EVERYTHING I bought EXCEPT for some dessert spoons was either something I had a coupon for or it was marked WAY down. I am a bottom line kind of girl so I will give you the price and what I saved AFTER I show you what I bought!!!!!!

Those were the purchases from Target

This is the purchase from Hallmark...I had a $5 coupon.

Campbells soup--on sale for .75 I did NOT have a coupon for these but they were cheaper than the off brand and I had to have them for Easter recipes

General Mills cereal--$8.62-with coupon $7.12 for three boxes

Roberts MIlk-with coupon $2.99

Roberts Orange Juice-with coupon $2.34

Gogurt-2 boxes with coupon-$3.96

Totinos Pizza-with coupon 5 boxes $4.08

Nivea Bodwash-with coupon .04.....YEP! that's right FOUR CENTS!!!!

Bounty Papertowels...with coupon $17.24

Guinea Pig Food- in store special $2 off regular price


Strawberry shortcake purse doll-with coupon $3.44

Twinkle My Little Pony-with coupon $11

Snugganimal-.04 cents---yep that's right!

Connect Four-with coupon $3

Gator Golf $13

Fem Products with coupons and target giftcard $8 for three boxes

SAvings Today $42.18----I'm getting there...thing is the most priceless part was watching my son...he made fun of me for all my millions of coupons but as he watched the price drop $40 bucks!!!! or to be exact $41.18 he realized the dear ol Mom might just be on to something!

The biggest thing is...everything I bought...we use...the toys I would not have bought but we are entering into birthday season etc but I just couldn't believe the savings today and I haven't even really dabbled in this that much yet! So, I will keep you posted as we go!

Have a very happy day!!!!

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  1. YES YES YES! This is so exciting isn't it? I also got the nieva deal. So fun! Remember you can use target coupons with manufac. coupons. check on target.com.
    Also be sure to get a sunday paper and check out walgreens and cvs!
    I am so excited for you Jamie!