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Monday, April 11, 2011

Gratitude, Counting the Blessings

It seems its in the air. We all are talking about counting the blessings, writing down the things we are thankful for. I can't bear to watch the news anymore, I don't want to talk about how much things cost, how much it cost to fill up my minivan....no more bad news. It's not that I want to put my head in the sand...I don't I really don't but talking about it causes worry...which then causes fear...which makes me a bit cranky!

Today the weather was gorgeous and for that I'm grateful but I was so pre-occupied of the things that must be done this week and caught up with. I was so upset with the spirit of discontentment that I have watched grow in my son...then tonight as I read the blog A Holy Experience she shared how her children are walking down this road of writing one thousand gifts...she showed the precious handwriting of her children and I almost want to run upstairs and wake up my sleeping boy...wow....that might backfire on me eh? I can hardly wait for him to take this life changing journey with me! I am not naive enough to think that he will embrace it immediately but I am hoping and praying that this will show him how much our Heavenly Father cares for us and that He didn't TAKE from us as I know my son feels...understandably so...the loss of a father is hard to understand...but I feel this will help him understand a bit better of the love of a perfect Heavenly Father...

My gifts today are:
74. Sour cream muffins
75. Warm sunny days
76. Son doing yard work without being asked
77. Buds on trees starting to come out already
78. The green, the glorious GREEN we have missed it so
79. spring scented candles
80. Four loads of laundry...folded and ready to be put away!
81. Having a light bulb moment to include my son in the gifts challenge.
82. Buying popsicles....summer can start for sure now

May His name be praised!

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