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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hurry Up With the INSANITY!

Yep...its that time of year again.....I have to go here and here and here and have to celebrate this and this....and my hair...oh my hair...and my nails...oh dear WHY DID I EAT ALL THAT CHOCOLATE THIS WINTER! I cannot POSSIBLY put this body in a swimsuit! AND I HAVE to put in an entire garden to feed the village and learn how to make bread from scratch...AND there is DUST under my bed that MUST be taken care of...and I have to sign up for every single church activity that I can possibly be involved in...because I will feel GUILT if I don't!!!!

Does any of that sound like you??? I can assure you that a lot of it sounds like me right now! WE have three birthdays in May, plus mother's day (always at my house) and three graduation parties, one wedding in June and several things the three older children are involved in this coming summer....Plus, I've been dying to get at fifteen bazillion projects for EVER but it keeps teasing me this weather...beautiful one day...freezing and rainy the next....

Today as I started to feel that pulse in my neck and heart wondering how in the world I was going to do it all....and if I had thought of EVERYTHING I could possibly think of I realized a very IMPORTANT fact.....I'm very blessed...and this is why:

92. I have a baby girl that is turning four and loves pink!
93. I love that she has friends that we can invite to her Pinkalicious party....its going to be soo fun!
94. I'm blessed to have a teenage stepdaughter turning 15
95. I'm very blessed to be a mother and that we now have a home where we can have everyone to our home for mother's day.
96. I'm blessed that I have friends that WANT me to come to their children's graduation parties...REALLY! Friends are priceless
97. I'm blessed to watch my niece get married in June...whom I'm very proud of...and has accomplished much with a positive attitude and a "grr" spirit. I adore her...but probably have never told her!
98. I'm blessed to be asked to clown for different events...that means that they like me...its nice to be a clown that's liked...it gets hard to hear "I HATE clowns!" TAlk about make me SAD!
99. I'm blessed to have a dog...that digs in my flowerbeds...makes me be creative...in how I keep her out of my flowers...yes...something like that!
100. I'm blessed to have friends that don't laugh at me at how pathetically BLACK my supposed "green" thumb is and can tell me very plainly how to accomplish a salad garden...yes...I need help I realize!

So, before everyone FREAKS out about the insanity that ALWAYS comes every single MAY...just remember....it's my birthday in the month of May....no seriously...

Without family, friends, blessed crazy motherhood...May...and all the insanity that comes with crazy summer...remember to take in the "crazy" be "in" the moment...because all too soon...it will just be...a memory...and I want to savor EVERY bit of the gifts that God has given me....in friends, in family, in nature....they are all GIFTS..

May His name be praised!

I remember when my son was my daughter's size and now he stands almost taller than I....I have blinked and here he stands....savor...enjoy....thank Him for the gifts...the gift of the present.

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