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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Never Let them see You SWEAT!

This week was crazy. Our new schedule requires an activity every single night..which makes life a bit...INTERESTING!

So, Saturday required me to be in two different places at the same time and I felt that I basically was running back and forth and accomplishing nothing. It was hard for my Mamma's heart to see my dear son struggle in a sport that he just now started and isn't so great in but truly loves...and also have a hard loss losing against his friend's team...so Mom thought that required some wonderful ice-cream to make things all better. Funny...it seemed to do the trick! Wish that when I had a bad day that ice-cream would work that fast for me to!

Today was fantastic! Our family was able to attend church ALL of us for the first time since November! It was soo wonderful! The praise band played "Here In Your Presence" my absolute favorite...loved the guitar player part:) and the weather was divine! Then I got to go to one of my favorite places all alone! I also have some seedlings started...and my dear Ellie got a sandbox....a thrill for sure!

As I look back at this weekend...yes I was tired...nap today was VERY nice. However, I have to say that before I would have just approached the weekend with the attitude of check, check, check. Lets move on...lets get going, move on out!

I decided to do something different and really enjoy and savor the little things...I would never have done this without reading my life changing book...one thousand gifts!

54. Watching Ellie's face light up with sheer joy at her new sandbox
55. Finding just the right "unique" piece at my awesome favorite store Kat and Co!
56. The pattering of rain and the cool breeze
57. Ellie all smelling good after her sticky popsicle at Awana tonight--she had it running down her face, arms, and legs!
58. Soft, smooth sand going through your hands.
59. Old, chippy items that have a history and now are in my home:)
60. Singing praise songs with people in my church. Watching my friends raise their hands in joy to our Heavenly Father.

So, as we begin a new insanely busy week...I'm trying to remember all the gifts that He continues to bless me with and soak up all the amazing things He is showing me each day!

Have a GREAT week!

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