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Friday, April 8, 2011

One of My Greatest Gifts

Counting my Blessings....counting the gifts that I have been given. It has totally changed me...made me so much more appreciative of small things...making me look at the glass half full instead of half empty. Making me appreciate the small things in life instead of glazing over it. Helping me to stop and enjoy the little things that make life....LIFE!

Saturday, my son was walking to the van after his soccer game. The way he walked, held his head, carried his bag....I have seen that before. He's growing taller, older....soon he will tower over me and his voice will begin to have that strange sound...his boyhood...just a memory.

It seems like yesterday when he just sat in my lap, cuddled up next to me...smelled like...a sweaty boy...now turning into a man.

Time speeds up...doesn't slow...all at once we are moving at warp speed. I wait to catch up, try to run and catch all the memories that move so quickly and find...I'm to late.

How do you tell your baby boy how proud you are that he is yours? My dear boy held my face in his pudgy hands and begged me to move forward...he was the reason I got out of bed. He is the reason I kept fighting and kept trying.

The other day he was playing the piano and I remembered where I had seen those hands before... and boy have I missed them...he looks so much like his father. My eyes well up with tears thinking how proud his Daddy would have been of him. How sensitive and sweet yet stubborn and talkative he is at the same time.

I wonder and I worry how he will turn out. Trusting he will hold onto my Heavenly Father....that he will learn to TRUST and live in grace and that he will be able to do it better than his parents did.

I pray for my children to walk hand in hand always with each other as well as their Heavenly Father. I trust and pray that the Lord will keep them safe and watch over them...and I know that in His hands...there is no safer place.

May His name be praised!

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