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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Preparing for Easter

Today started off freezing and very early. Getting my son ready for a fishing trip with scouts....something I know he can't wait to do. He adores being with those "big boys". It makes me kinda sad....Mom isn't as exciting as she used to be....sniff, sniff.

Long story short and details now left out so as to not embarrass my son I was very sad with the way he took care of the details of his trip and the way he prepared...or didn't prepare...didn't say goodbye, didn't wave, didn't seem to care....I guess that's normal. I think I might be more scared if he was bawling and saying "Love you Mommy" while he ran after the car? Yes, I guess the way it happened is better....but still when did I become so...NOT important?

So today I have prayed over him again and again as I cleaned his room and got rid of "certain treasures". Praying that God will speak to his heart, praying that he will see a positive influence of some of the older boys in the group who I pray Trey will model. As a parent my role is starting to change...as the Mom I was always right...cuddle time was a priority and listening to my "nuggets" of wisdom was always something he was striving to do. So, today....I pray...pray for his heart to be changed...pray for that soft spirit that I have seen to emerge....I know its there...thats what I pray for.

In all the preparations for Easter....found a new awesome hot pink dress...oh YEAH! My kids have easter stuff ready for the easter baskets, today was an easter egg hunt. We still have eggs to decorate.....

My husband has always made Good Friday a priority for our family to observe. Our business is closed for the day. We usually watch the Passion with the older children and something more suitable for Ellie of course. Wanting them to understand that eggs, dressing up, candy...those are fun but not the reason. This year my husband and our talented friend will be singing and playing a song that my husband has written. The title is "At His Feet" I hope that it will be a blessing to you as it has been to me listening to them practice it.

May you all enjoy your Easter next week with all the wonderful family traditions that we all have and most importantly.....REJOICE! The Lord has Risen!

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