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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Traditions of Easter

Easter....I have always loved Easter. Growing up this holiday was spent with anticipation of my spring, and in my child mind letting me know that my birthday was not far behind.

My Mother always made a point of making each holiday very special and Easter was one of them. EVERY year when I was little...up until 5th grade my mother made our Easter clothes...and I usually had gloves, new shoes...it was always a GREAT BIG HUGE deal!

I cannot remember an Easter in my childhood through college years that I didn't have something new for Easter. There was even the time that I had chicken pox my jr. year of high school and I still went to church even with my scabs (yes I wasn't contagious anymore) so that I could wear the navy blue and white polka dot amazing skirt my mother made for me...yes it was quite awesome! She would always hide my Easter basket and it would be filled with ....chocolate bunny, chocolate eggs...all sorts of yummy stuff EVERY year...even sent me an Easter Basket to college every year. Long story short Easter was always a huge deal.

I remember the worship songs that we would sing growing up...different from the church I go to now but I still remember listening to the men and women harmonize and my child voice singing as loud as I could "Up from the grave He arose, with a mighty triumph for His foes, He arose the Victor from the dark domain and He lives forever for His saints to reign! HE AROSE! HE AROSE! Halleuia Christ AROSE!" These traditions are deep within me...not only because I am a child of God but because my parents made it a HABIT for me to be in church Sunday morning, night and Wednesday night.

As a parent of two children and two stepdaughters I try very hard to make sure that these traditions that I was brought up with are passed on to my children. They all still enjoy easter baskets, egg hunting, new church clothes and there is NOTHING wrong with that! However....

However much I enjoy the beauty of this day...the perfect sunshine, singing praises with those I will spend eternity with...listening to the music that my husband wrote being sang beautifully by our talented friend and listening to my husband play the guitar...yes these....these are the traditions that I want my children to hear....to do, to understand. To understand the price that He paid for our sins...and how we did NOTHING to deserve this amazing love! He offered it to us FREE!

There is no way to say thank you to a perfect God who came and died for my sins to give me hope everlasting and an eternal home in heaven. There is no way to express my gratitude for all He has done for me....so I continue the traditions, I set forth the example...I pray for their hearts....to follow Christ...and to understand the true meaning of the word FREE.

May His name be praised!

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