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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ways to save money

Well, even if times were not as tough as they are I believe we as women have a unique job especially those that stay at home. I think that my "job" is to be able to save money wherever I possibly can.

We have had asthma issues in our home and I have decided to try and use the safest cleaning products that I can while still keeping a very clean household.

I am TOTALLY hooked on Shaklee...I started using this in January and even have a link where I did my oven...smelled soo good!

So, here is the link when I cleaned my oven!


I have been using Shaklee since January and this is all that I've used...and I fill these bottles up every other week!

In case you are worried about germs as I am than let me introduce you to Basic G

I use as 1/2 tsp in every 16 oz bottle of water. I use it for my bathrooms, and on my countertops when I am cooking with raw meat. I adore it. It doesn't have a toxic smell...its just a wonderful cleaner. The huge bottle cost a little over $20 but seriously I can't imagine how old I will be when I need to buy another.

The Basic H I use for all my cleaners...there isn't any others that I use. Cleans my windows, greasy stove, and kitchen table all with one cleaner and the savings is unbelievable!

In case you weren't sure the cleaning power is awesome! I used to be a huge clorox wipes fan...no more...these clean better than that ever could!

I also used to be a huge febreeze fan! NO more! I make my own...my favorite scent is lavendar!

Here is the link to my linen spray...which I got from farming on faith blog!


A huge money saver also has been making my own fabric softner and laundry detergent which I also found on farming on faith...here is the link to that project


Enjoy saving money and your house and family will thank you for it:) Here is the website I used to order my Shaklee. She has an awesome blog that I follow and has a TON of great ideas!

Here is another blog I follow and get great tips also!

Farming on Faith

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