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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Me? Perfect?

As I get to know more of you I have heard a similar comment that goes like this...."Oh Jamie, when I first met you you seemed so....sooo....well....kinda uptight and PERFECT!" Of course after they get to know me they KNOW this is SOOO not true. It's true I'm a neat freak and my kids know that I have Purell EVERYWHERE but I let perfect go awhile ago...because that is just NEVER going to happen.

I thought I would let you have a peek into my life on a daily homeschool basis.

In one room I have my son practicing piano....calling me in occasionally asking me a question about what he's playing....ummm yeah...I also teach him piano...and three other kids:)

THEN I need to keep a certain someone occupied and was so happy to get our new paintbrushes today! We had to try them out RIGHT away!

Now, my Ellie LOVES to paint so I kept thinking how expensive all this paper was to keep buying and that there had to be a better way! Well, I'm a Sam's girl...and was so happy to find ......TADAH!

My Ellie spied it as I heaved it into the cart and looked at me and said..."Mommy is this painting paper for me?" YEP I said....the absolute best 18 bucks I ever spent. I can't wait to let her go to town on it outside with pudding or paint or whatever and so much cheaper than buying the big pads of paper that she can go through in one afternoon!

Thought you all might want to see how crazy my table can get in the middle of the day!

I also display all her artwork for each week on her board as she likes to tell all who will listen about what we did for the day. Then I put all her papers in her three ringed notebook that way we have everything in one place saved for the year.

So that was a teeny, tiny look into a small window of my day in homeschooling....

I also started a new book today! Will keep you posted!

Tomorrow I will share my absolute favorite favorite cookie recipe!

Have a great night!

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  1. Another idea for paper is the "end rolls" from the newspaper company. They usually sell them fairly inexpensively. Enjoy all the artwork. I remember the days :)