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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Today was a day of relaxing and enjoying being with family.

I especially enjoyed the way my E loves watermelon!

Our watermelon cutter...

Guess who loves watermelon?

The poor watermelon NEVER had a chance!

Hope you all had a wonderful day together!

Time for me to go pack for our new adventure this week...I will blog all about it next week. We are going on a plane...I'm very nervous...to a place where we have never been. Looking forward to the new adventure....praying for safe travel!

Have a great week!

I'm thankful for those that fight for my freedom....we so appreciate your sacrifice! In particular my own family members my nephews Landon (pictured) and Matt and Jeremy. We are so thankful for your sacrifice!

We also remember our loved ones...whom we will never forget and will see again when we get to heaven.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Our weather here has been weird to say the least. My daughter wakes up one day and wears shorts and the next day we have to wear pants and sweatshirt. We have had tornado watches and now are in flood watches. The weather...it affects E's asthma. Early this morning around 4am she had to have another nebulizer treatment and after about two hours we could lay back down. However, as anyone knows that has a four year old, that was met with being slapped in the face while sleeping, kicked, and listening to the sounds of "Darth Vader" as she slept and I tried to.

With getting up at 4am it resulted in missing church and I am as of now very tired, sipping on coffee, praying to feel more awake very soon. My husband and I are getting ready to go out of town for five days and now I'm even more concerned with E since I won't be here.

I told my husband that I was really working hard to let go of fears and it seems the more I say it the more it seems I'm tested...perhaps I should keep it to myself next time?

Life is uncertain, order doesn't come easily and learning to be flexible is a daily thing. Physical illness of our children is the hardest thing because it shows us just how much we have to rely on God. For those of you who deal with asthma or other conditions that are even scarier there is nothing harder than feeling that there is nothing you can do for your child. This is how I feel every time that E has a episode. I find myself praying praying praying and don't let up until she starts breathing easier...and then continue to pray all night long until we fall asleep in exhaustion.

However, as scary as it is I do enjoy certain things that have become our "habits" since this started two years ago. First we have our "special blankets" Then we have our special shows..I really do wish that there was a chocolate tree like in Dora(I could really go for that right now!) We watch a LOT of Dora during these episodes...thankful for netflix on demand. We then have our "cuddle time". When E is sick she wants Mommy and wants to cuddle and that doesn't happen otherwise since she is a very "busy" child.

So, this weekend I'm thankful for our home, our friends and family, electricity for the nebulizer and modern medicine which helps my baby feel better.

May you all have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

My Soul Aches

This weekend...supposed to be time to gather with family, have barbeques, homemade ice cream, children dripping with water from swimming, watermelon, etc. The joys of summer! We have had a long winter and spring and summer is what has made us keep going.

Today, I had to run some errands and I had to stop in at our local HOme Depot. I'm not the best at being "handy" so I put this off as much and as long as possible. My dear E loves it becomes she loves their cars where she can pretend to "drive." Perhaps it was my imagination but it seemed a bit somber in there today. I couldn't help but think of the people in Joplin who died at the Home Depot. How scared they must have been. My sister n law said that she had been at my niece's house and they didn't even know the storm was as intense as it was. They had no idea there was a tornado coming....

Today my stepdaughter went to Joplin and said it was "overwhelming, seemed hopeless." Today at Home Depot I felt overwhelmed and my soul hurt for the people that survived this tragic ordeal. Lately, there is so much hurt, sadness..death.

I needed to re-focus. God calls us to help and in the helping we can become "bogged down, depressed, overwhelmed, hopeless." Now in the helping I am asking for "supernatural strength" to be a light in the dark...I'm not helping if I'm standing there bawling unable to offer encouragment and strength to someone who has lost loved ones, house, all possessions, job...this is when I have to dig deep and call on God for help to see through the pain...

The job in Joplin will take a long time to see through...and in that I hope to show my children...true suffering, what we have to be grateful for and the wonderful gifts that God has given us. To be able to have a thankful and grateful heart in a world that is caught up with material possesions can be difficult to naviagate. I'm hoping that my children will see true pain and the joy that ONLY Jesus can give us.

So, today...I looked around me...I took my camera with me to capture the beauty around me...not amazing things or extravagance..but beauty simple beauty through the eyes of my camera lens which shows the importance that this world has to me. If you gave a camera to everyone the images would all be different, the views not the same...here's my little view from my backyard:

Here's our dog smiling...

Here's our dog frowning:

There is always beauty around us...do we always choose to see it?

Our prayers, our helping hands, our love goes to Joplin. I hope that even after the tv crews are gone that we along with fellow believers will be there to point this hurting people to the one and only one that can heal their hurt.

May His name be praised!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

'carrie' Bicycle Basket By Dhs - Design House Stockholm - Home Furnishings - Unica Home

'carrie' Bicycle Basket By Dhs - Design House Stockholm - Home Furnishings - Unica Home

Lately I have become quite obsessed with this basket. It used to be sold at my favorite organizing store...the Container Store. I even contacted the company directly and they are no longer carrying it and they have sold out of all their inventory. So, if you want this basket you will have to shell out like $80 bucks. The cheapest I've seen is around $60...still...too much for a plastic basket. Not even this girl here is gonna shell out that much money for a basket!

The container store did however suggest the following and they are metal and I do adore them...still...SIGH....hoping that someday we will be together dear beautiful bicycle basket!

So, I am a firm believer that if it isn't pretty I'm not going to keep it organized. It's sad but true. If it's pretty I will work hard to keep it up. So, here they are...I do adore you but yes....I still hope that our dear bicycle basket can someday join us in our organized spaces!

Here goes!

I love that they are metal and not plastic! I love how roomy they are and that they fit perfectly on my bookshelf. I can also see these working in E's room to ummmmmmm! Maybe I need some more???

Here is my hanging file also..

and I'm totally smitten with this brocade blue reusable bag...its huge and I love the color! I've always been a fan of blue but here lately more so!

If you are in love like I am here is the link...

The Container Store Square Brocade Bins

Have a beautiful organized day!

Slow Pace Life

I'm a Mid-west kind of girl. When I was younger I dreamed about the south...that's where I wanted to be...but that's not where life took me.

I live in a small town and have for about eight years...when I first moved here I cried...I cried a lot. All there was to shop at was a Wal-Mart and those of you who know me know...I dislike....Wal-Mart. So, I would go to the park and...cry. Since that time my dear town has an Old Navy, my beloved Target, and now a Children's Place and just about every restaurant that everyone else has and a newer movie theatre that doesn't make me feel like I need to take a bath in Purell after leaving:) The older I get and the more I go away...the more I long for my dear old town. I'm also close to my newest addiction...Nell Hill...if you don't know it...I'm sorry its truly a girl like me dream come true store!

As much as I love my little town, I sometimes don't fit in here either...I don't wear camoflauge (can't even spell it apparently) and I own nothing that says John Deere. I have no desire to go camping or hunting or fishing and when you say the "great outdoors?" I imagine beaches with furniture and people to bring me little drinks with umbrellas in them. I have never shot anything with four legs (or anything with two legs matter of fact) but I do enjoy meat. The only gun I have shot is a pellet rifle or an air gun? It's the one you pump up what in the world is that called? Shooting a gun of any kind was pretty scary...but I was a counselor at a camp and had to at least "look" like I was enjoying myself even though I was HORRIBLE at it! Still, even so...I miss my dear old town when I'm away.

This next week my husband and I have to go out of town on business and we have to fly...this makes me crazy because one of my biggest fears is...you guessed it...flying. I'm terrified of heights, hate that my Purell bottle has to be so small, freak out at how many greasy heads have put their heads where I'm now laying mine...seriously can't it be like the doctor's office where we have little papers to go over the head rests... I paid enough for this ticket can't they sanitize??? Yes, I know...and don't get me started on breathing in the same air as everyone else! YUCK! THEN when we get to this place that I have NEVER been to then we have to take PUBLIC transportation...which I'm NOT sorry to say I've NEVER been in a taxi...I'm ridiculous I know but what if we get a crazy driver who wants to kill us? AS you can see...I was getting to be RIDICULOUS!!!!

My biggest challenge to overcome in life is worry and fear...it plagues me. YOu can give me all the statistics and I know you are right...you can tell me that when it is my time it is my time...and again, you are right....so what makes me cling to this despair and worry so much so that it eats at my stomach days before we travel and leads me into fear and impending DOOM???

Well, all I can tell you is that's why I started reading "one thousand gifts". It is a daily reminder of how He has provided for me in all the little ways and BIG ways that He has. Already just this week I have become thankful for BIG and little things. I've seen pictures of a house that is no more that no one should have been able to walk out of and walked without a scratch....but I've also been there....I've been to the darker side of life...I've held the hand of my dying husband who I'm not able to speak to because he is unconscious...I couldn't hear him say goodbye. I couldn't quit crying, I wanted to scream him awake but no sound would come...just the gut wrenching tears that poured. I've been in the waiting room filled with our church family to support our dear sisters in Christ who have just been given the news that their son is now in the arms of Jesus. I've been to the funeral of my sweet great baby niece who I held in my arms a few weeks previous, cousins killed in car accident....I've seen the grief...the dark...and wonder...where is God in all of that? In all of that He holds us fast and strong...in all of that He gives us supernatural strength that we never knew we had...in all of that...He guides me on...but here I am AGAIN....fear and worry, worry and fear...

Why do I constantly have this inner battle? Why can't I let go and let the Almighty have the control? Why? Why am in in constant fear of the bad that can happen in life?

This time I'm going to let go...I'm going to enjoy the fact that my husband and I have a few days together alone....I'm going to rest in the knowledge that my Heavenly Father knows the best for me...and I'm going to "enjoy" that freedom.

II Timothy 1:7

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of self discipline.

He is still on the throne no matter what goes on in this world...He is in charge...not me...all I have to do is RELAX...hold on and TRUST!

I'm so thankful for the God I serve and all that He has done for me!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time To Count The Blessings

The weather, the destruction....the sadness, the loss...its time to count the gifts:

Tonight our family is grateful, for out of this:

came this:

We are grateful for birthdays:

and more birthdays:

and more parties:

and flowers of spring

202. for good friends
203. for still more birthday packages to be opened:)
204. for mint choc chip icecream
205. For rainy days on porches with lots of laughter and cold fried chicken.

These things and more I'm grateful for today...what are you saying thanks for?

Monday, May 23, 2011

His Mighty Hand of Protection

Yesterday was beautiful where I live. We were attending graduation parties, watching E and T play on swingsets and enjoy playing ball. We were taking a beautiful walk outside, enjoying all the beauty that creation gives us.

My mother called and told us that there was a tornado in Joplin and she was concerned for my husband's sister's family. We started trying to call them and couldn't reach them!

Finally, my sister n law called us that lives here in town and had heard from them. My niece who just had a baby a little over two weeks ago has a house that looks like this:

and they were in the basement...with their baby...

They are safe...and we are grateful for God's protection over them. I cannot quit crying today thinking of all the lives lost...all in a blink!

I for one am going downstairs through my basement to get any and all extra clothing that I can that is summer to send to all these dear families that have lost it all...because...all in a blink...we could be there to.

I'm grateful for your prayers for my family and that you continue to pray. Prayers continue for the people of Alabama.

Through all of this may we as Christians show His love through our helping hands and prayers. May His name be praised even so through tragedy. God is still on the throne and the stories that are coming out of His protection over those in the path are mind blowing.

May His name be praised!