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Thursday, May 26, 2011

'carrie' Bicycle Basket By Dhs - Design House Stockholm - Home Furnishings - Unica Home

'carrie' Bicycle Basket By Dhs - Design House Stockholm - Home Furnishings - Unica Home

Lately I have become quite obsessed with this basket. It used to be sold at my favorite organizing store...the Container Store. I even contacted the company directly and they are no longer carrying it and they have sold out of all their inventory. So, if you want this basket you will have to shell out like $80 bucks. The cheapest I've seen is around $60...still...too much for a plastic basket. Not even this girl here is gonna shell out that much money for a basket!

The container store did however suggest the following and they are metal and I do adore them...still...SIGH....hoping that someday we will be together dear beautiful bicycle basket!

So, I am a firm believer that if it isn't pretty I'm not going to keep it organized. It's sad but true. If it's pretty I will work hard to keep it up. So, here they are...I do adore you but yes....I still hope that our dear bicycle basket can someday join us in our organized spaces!

Here goes!

I love that they are metal and not plastic! I love how roomy they are and that they fit perfectly on my bookshelf. I can also see these working in E's room to ummmmmmm! Maybe I need some more???

Here is my hanging file also..

and I'm totally smitten with this brocade blue reusable bag...its huge and I love the color! I've always been a fan of blue but here lately more so!

If you are in love like I am here is the link...

The Container Store Square Brocade Bins

Have a beautiful organized day!


  1. Love the basket and love what you've done with the old window! We have 3 of these and debating about turning 1 of them into a table and the other 2 into frames for my kids' artwork!

  2. If you just want it as a basket you dont need to buy the bicycle basket - there are two versions of the basket - one is only for storage, the other one comes with the mountingset for the bike, but you dont really need that then. And that makes the price a lot cheaper, only 39 $! Check on Design House Stockholm´s own onlineshop: http://usd.shop.designhousestockholm.com/accessories/carrie-shopping-basket
    Best regards, Ulrica (from Design House Stockholm in Frankfurt, Germany)