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Monday, May 2, 2011

Head is Spinning

NOthing exciting going on here just the typical insanity. My hubby and I have a lot on our plate...trying to figure out things for the business..figuring out a business trip...I HATE flying....HATE it HATE IT HATE IT!!! Freak out the whole time, freak out the whole time I'm at the place we travelled to...just thinking of getting BACK on the plane....I'm secretly hoping we don't go....that's not gonna happen...still....HOPING!

I have not really gone into this before...but I'm going to today...because I really don't want to talk bout Osama....and how I should feel about that...

ANYWAY, I go to a natural chiropracter. If any of you want his name then I will gladly message you and let you know. I've gone to him since I was prego with my E. I was not sick at all really with my first but my second about did me in. I could NOT stop getting sick....I was getting NO nutrition. I went to him, he adjusted me (I was horribly out) and then gave me nutrition...I was low on calcium, fish oil, and a basic vitamin. I never threw up again after that day. I delivered a very healthy baby six months later...then I decided to send my son to him.

My son had terrible allergies, allergic to milk, grass, weeds...etc. etc. He had an inhaler, he had allergy medicine, we had diet restrictions..it was ridiculous. The poor kid couldn't even breathe clearly through his nose....he was adjusted, set up on nutrition, given enzymes and now he is on no medicine, no allergies to milk....and breathes just fine....is hardly ever sick except for this year he had a sinus infecton..the pharmacy hadn't filled a scrip for him since 2006..no joke!

SOOO, we have had terrible problems with E for the past two years...and once again I'm desperate so I'm coming to my chiropracter again...this time Im trying something new for myself and for baby girl. I'm allergic to grass, and trees and mold...baby girl is allergic to corn (do you know how many things have corn in them?) So, we have a plan...and I will let you know how it goes!


So, we shall see...if this helps. I'm just tired of all the medicine...I'm moving to the natural more and more.

Our family buys fresh beef and a piggy from a farmer who uses no hormones its soo much better for us and tastes so much fresher. We use farm fresh eggs...so much better and tastes soo good! We try to buy from farmers markets or grow at least a salad garden. We like to pick strawberries and peaches from the local orchards and make our own jams and jellies. We are tryingto get "back" to fresh as much as possible. I believe that is key to good health.

So, I will keep you posted on our new adventure!

Have a GREAT day!

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