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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just WORK already!

The month of May....oh how I love you the month of May....two girls in our house turn a year older....throw in Mother's Day...oh yes, my birthday too (YUCK!) and that means about four parties here at our house.....and several graduation parties...and wedding announcements. Plus finishing up school, planting flowers, gardens, doing projects that we've been waiting to do, planning vacations, summer camps, buying clothes, supplies for those trips...oh yes...cooking, cleaning, etc....does your head hurt yet?

I have a mess going on in our house right now...which is making me crazy! A dishwasher that is a very long story but the repair people have been ordering wrong parts, installing incorrectly....you get it....NIGHTMARE! and did I mention that I have a million parties going on now...and yes....today (under the wise advice of my husband) we are now using none other than paper everything....yep! I totally caved!

In the midst of my despair I happened to look at my handy notebook that I keep by my bedside to write everyday more gifts that God has given me....that's all I needed...didn't even need to open it for my heart to be softened...then I opened it and here's a list from just the weekend...

101. Heart shaped doors
102. Pink candy
103. laughter of little girls
104. pink cupcakes
105. tissue paper flowers
106 pink crayons
108. Two beautiful sunny days in a row
86. Watching E help my parents make her playhouse
87. Having parents willing to make a playhouse
89. Squeals of delight and a thankful heart
97. Feeling peace again after a long storm
116. Son making soccer goal for the first time EVAH! YEAH!
117. Look on son's face after goal was made....oh that should count for ten blessings!

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