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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Little Light of Mine

Tonight as I watched a magician during a Upward ceremony I lay my heart out to my Holy God. I saw the importance of what I've done for the last twelve weeks right there being shown to all those that were with me in that gym....silks with the face of Jesus tied by purple and red silks...but the words, the illustrations....I SAW it...and then let the conviction of the Holy Spirit come over me as I confessed all that I had felt...my eyes were tearing up...begging the Lord not to let the little ones sitting beside me see me...the Little ones...coming to Jesus...had I done all I could to lead them to Him?

I went into this not at all sure of what I would get into to. I had a wonderful coach working beside me...and Satan did all he could do to work a wedge between us....he worked very hard...but we worked through it and I believe that what went on in that youth room every week was nothing short of the hand of God. His work is just beginning in those little lives. I watched two little girls who face things in their lives that I have never known...and I watched them beam under the wing of His goodness, under the instruction given by no one other than the Holy Spirit working through my fellow coach and myself. This wasn't about cheering (even though they did a great job) It was about watching them come together and doing something that I really didn't think we would be able to accomplish. It was about bringing about confidence in those little girls that needed to hear it...they would burst with pride as I we would adorn them with crowns every week (yes, to get them to behave we would give each girl a princess crown each week) and even though these girls were from kindergarten all the way up to third grade they beamed with joy when they received them. My heart was filled with conviction each time I would place a crown on their head...encouragment....do I ever give that enough to these young lives? Do I give it enough to those hearts that live in this house?

Ministry, I watched so many faithful servants down in the trenches working week after week, long hours....and this...this is what they worked for...this is what I worked for...but I didn't know it...I didn't remember it...I didn't really see it...until I saw the silks...with the face of Jesus on it...then I realized that He was speaking to me....

"Put away the hurts that others speak to you, about you, to hurt you...because it is ME" my Heavenly Father spoke to me....it is ME that you do this for...for the little ones..."do not hinder the little ones to come to ME."

I pray that I will remember these lessons while in the trenches next time...

I'm thankful for those that I got to work beside and the friendships that were made. I have no pics to post...silly really why I didn't have my camera...oh well...but the memories that I have made...I shall not forget.

Next time, I pray that I will listen before the last night...I pray

So, there you go....imperfect me....again! I laugh at how perfectly my Heavenly Father knows me...speaking to me through a magician...and the hugs of little ones...

May His name be praised!


  1. I love when people realize everything they're thankful for. Great post!

  2. beautiful post. thank you for linking up and sharing your heart so openly.