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Friday, May 27, 2011

My Soul Aches

This weekend...supposed to be time to gather with family, have barbeques, homemade ice cream, children dripping with water from swimming, watermelon, etc. The joys of summer! We have had a long winter and spring and summer is what has made us keep going.

Today, I had to run some errands and I had to stop in at our local HOme Depot. I'm not the best at being "handy" so I put this off as much and as long as possible. My dear E loves it becomes she loves their cars where she can pretend to "drive." Perhaps it was my imagination but it seemed a bit somber in there today. I couldn't help but think of the people in Joplin who died at the Home Depot. How scared they must have been. My sister n law said that she had been at my niece's house and they didn't even know the storm was as intense as it was. They had no idea there was a tornado coming....

Today my stepdaughter went to Joplin and said it was "overwhelming, seemed hopeless." Today at Home Depot I felt overwhelmed and my soul hurt for the people that survived this tragic ordeal. Lately, there is so much hurt, sadness..death.

I needed to re-focus. God calls us to help and in the helping we can become "bogged down, depressed, overwhelmed, hopeless." Now in the helping I am asking for "supernatural strength" to be a light in the dark...I'm not helping if I'm standing there bawling unable to offer encouragment and strength to someone who has lost loved ones, house, all possessions, job...this is when I have to dig deep and call on God for help to see through the pain...

The job in Joplin will take a long time to see through...and in that I hope to show my children...true suffering, what we have to be grateful for and the wonderful gifts that God has given us. To be able to have a thankful and grateful heart in a world that is caught up with material possesions can be difficult to naviagate. I'm hoping that my children will see true pain and the joy that ONLY Jesus can give us.

So, today...I looked around me...I took my camera with me to capture the beauty around me...not amazing things or extravagance..but beauty simple beauty through the eyes of my camera lens which shows the importance that this world has to me. If you gave a camera to everyone the images would all be different, the views not the same...here's my little view from my backyard:

Here's our dog smiling...

Here's our dog frowning:

There is always beauty around us...do we always choose to see it?

Our prayers, our helping hands, our love goes to Joplin. I hope that even after the tv crews are gone that we along with fellow believers will be there to point this hurting people to the one and only one that can heal their hurt.

May His name be praised!

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