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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Overview of 5th grade

If you are a homeschooling Mom and have a child going into 5th grade you might be interested in knowing MY personal favorites of what we did this year. I will provide links below...this is just MY opinion and as we ALL know there is lots and lots of curriculum out there but this is what we enjoyed the most!

www.AllAboutSpelling.com We did this whole entire series of six books in two years..I am very pleased with it!

For Math we are continuing the use of www.teachingtextbooks.com

For geography...this will be our third year coming up to use this...it has three different levels...easy to print out sheets...gREAT! www.geomatters.com

I'm a huge fan of Susan Wise Bauer...HUGE!www.peacehillpress.com

We are finished up...Workbook Level 3 Writing with Ease....and major in love with the grammar program www.firstlanguagelessons.com

I am pleased to say that the history we have been doing by her for two years....and my son adores it! It has map work, color pages, narration, and summarization! It's fantastic!

These are our favorites! This year for science we will be using Apologia for Science it will be our first year using it...looking forward to it!

This is not all we do for school...these are our FAVORITES! I'm still using my Latin program...trying to get my son excited about it....oh well!

Have a great day!

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