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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pinkalicious Party

Of all the parties that I have ever done this one was the most fun! I totally had a blast...so much fun!

If you are not familiar with the book Pinkalicious I highly recommend you run out and get it.

First lets start with the food...I chose to use Sam's to help me with the food which helped with the cost and it was so yummy!

I used chicken salad in green wraps and used cookie cutters to make the sandwiches, pickles were a favorite and suprisingly the broccoli??? I wanted to use green grapes but sadly Sam's grapes were not looking so fine...sniff...sniff...and later outside we had watermelon! For the cupcakes I let Sam's do them and technically I could have easily made strawberry cupcakes but I knew that not all kids like strawberry so for me...this was easier.

Now for the decorations!

The balloons I got from Hobby Lobby and the tissue flowers I made. I did get a kit for the big flowers but the smaller flowers I just used regular tissue paper. When I was little we made tissue flowers all the time and it came in handy and this was so much fun making them again! I also was able to buy the little buckets on severe Easter clearance...my table arrangements were about .75 cents each...YIPEEE!!!!!

Now for the activities!

Did you know that you can go to Crayola and they will let you create your very own box of crayons up to four colors? So, I got a whole box of four different colors of pink crayons so that each guest was able to take their "pinkalicious" colors home after coloring their crowns! We also painted our nails and got cupcake rings!

Now onto other crafts!

My friend Tiff read the Pinkalicious story and now...here are some just misc pics of the rest of the day!

The playhouse isn't done yet...but they still had fun with it...now onto more misc pics!

Hope you all enjoyed it...I know we did!!!

Last but not least one of my favorite touches

and they also got to go shopping at the pink candy store!


  1. Great Job! I'm collecting ideas for my soon-to-be 6 yr old's Pinkalicious party. I came over via Thirty Handmade Days.

  2. Great ideas! I am collecting ideas for my soon-to-be 6 yr old daughter's Pinkalicious party. I came over via 30 Handmade days.