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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Savor, Savor....Savor

Today I was blessed with a gorgeous sunny day and a wonderful weekend. Given to me I felt as a second chance to redeem myself for yesterday. Thankfully we have a wonderful God who gives us new chances every day!

If I gave you the list of the details of the day you would think...oh....how exciting? BUT if you look at those details as blessings your whole entire prespective changes on the amazing gifts we are given in this journey called life.

My list for one thousand gifts continues #105-114

I went to the nursery again....I have to think about what I want for my yard for a day or so....it was lovely walking with Ellianna telling her about the flowers...in turn her asking me if that spider walking was a "nice" spider or not. It was lovely hearing her explain how she thought he probably was.

Watching my son work hard at mowing just like Daddy taught him to...proud of his job well done. No complaining in yard work....you have no idea how happy this made me.

OUr new screen door came off....well, now I can really clean it? I have no idea...I'm trying!

Ellianna wanting to wear her swim goggles while taking a bath...and me allowing it...when else in life are you going to be so excited about new swim goggles??? I found myself jealous of her...wishing I had a pair to get in the tub with her!

A beautiful day to watch my kids play outside....Ellie wear her rain boots with shorts and sing all the while she's outside playing.

Hubby to come home, put batteries in Dora toothbrushes to make them come to life, fixing the toilet that keeps leaking....watching a war movie with Trey....I don't like blood...I don't want to watch that!

My sweet boy had an awesome soccer and basket ball game and we had wonderful time with family and incredible weather.

Long naps after a wonderful church service for everyone in the family.

My dear stepdaughter helping in the kitchen after a big party without me having to ask her to:) Hugs from same stepdaughter for no reason...except she "likes" me

My dear Ellie able to wear shorts again...sandboxes, fresh air...

Thankful for the moments of life and trying to savor ALL gifts

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