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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Our weather here has been weird to say the least. My daughter wakes up one day and wears shorts and the next day we have to wear pants and sweatshirt. We have had tornado watches and now are in flood watches. The weather...it affects E's asthma. Early this morning around 4am she had to have another nebulizer treatment and after about two hours we could lay back down. However, as anyone knows that has a four year old, that was met with being slapped in the face while sleeping, kicked, and listening to the sounds of "Darth Vader" as she slept and I tried to.

With getting up at 4am it resulted in missing church and I am as of now very tired, sipping on coffee, praying to feel more awake very soon. My husband and I are getting ready to go out of town for five days and now I'm even more concerned with E since I won't be here.

I told my husband that I was really working hard to let go of fears and it seems the more I say it the more it seems I'm tested...perhaps I should keep it to myself next time?

Life is uncertain, order doesn't come easily and learning to be flexible is a daily thing. Physical illness of our children is the hardest thing because it shows us just how much we have to rely on God. For those of you who deal with asthma or other conditions that are even scarier there is nothing harder than feeling that there is nothing you can do for your child. This is how I feel every time that E has a episode. I find myself praying praying praying and don't let up until she starts breathing easier...and then continue to pray all night long until we fall asleep in exhaustion.

However, as scary as it is I do enjoy certain things that have become our "habits" since this started two years ago. First we have our "special blankets" Then we have our special shows..I really do wish that there was a chocolate tree like in Dora(I could really go for that right now!) We watch a LOT of Dora during these episodes...thankful for netflix on demand. We then have our "cuddle time". When E is sick she wants Mommy and wants to cuddle and that doesn't happen otherwise since she is a very "busy" child.

So, this weekend I'm thankful for our home, our friends and family, electricity for the nebulizer and modern medicine which helps my baby feel better.

May you all have a wonderful weekend!

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