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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Turtle Day!

No, we didn't get a turtle...I've been begged for years...but NO MORE ANIMALS!

Instead, we had a day of curriculum of turtles! That makes everyone happy eh?

First we start the day with All About Reading. I'm more than impressed with this as of NOW....E is learning syllables. Yesterday she played a game to jump on the square of 1...2...3 for the word apple...she chose...2...Mommy was thrilled! To see more info on this amazing curriculum I'm providing a link below


Onward....so, today since we are pretty much done with T's school...just finishing up the rest of Math and History...(I'm so mean I make him complete ALL his work.)ANYWAY, it gives me more time to do "extra" with E.

So I got these downloads for free from www.confessionsofahomeschoolmom.com

We did counting and matched the number with the correct amount, we did letter tracing, sorting largest to smallest and lacing...I used my laminator for these so that she can do them again and again...great ideas for summer learning and later to be passed down to others that can use them. With a preschooler I highly recommend a laminator.

and we finished up by reading the following books:

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  1. Such cute ideas! I can't wait to really get into it next year with Brayden! You are such a good teacher to Trey and Ellie!