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Friday, May 20, 2011

What Survives

I'm reading a new book...called "the scent of water-grace for every kind of broken."


I think everyone is broken...let me say that a different way...I think everyone that can be used has been broken.

I hear people look at me with eyebrows raised, say they know me, shake their heads...and I say..."I used to be like you, I used to think that God was different than how I know him now."

I used to believe that if I did what I was supposed to do then everything in life would turn out so...but it doesn't...it just doesn't.

Turn the page in my life...deal with the next chapters and how do they read? For me, they read accepting what has happened and embracing the pain but letting it go. Sometimes letting it go includes saying goodbye to those that harm you and the ones you love. Sometimes letting go means telling others the hurt that no one but people like you understand. It sometimes means standing at the graveside of the man that you thought you would grow old with and explain to your child that even though life seems unfair that our Heavenly Father intended good for us...He makes no mistakes.

Today as I read in her book she wrote the words "Perhaps the distinguishing moment of any catastrophe is not found in the fracture itself. Perhaps what distinguishes any one disaster from another is not what has been lost, but what survives."

I look around at this world and see disaster and fear, loss of life, fear, uncertainty, fear....but God is still on the throne...He knows what we fear, He hold us in the palm of His hand.

Today I watched a school bus go by with children who some in this world would say were a "waste" a "burden on society"....but I saw beauty...because when you deal with these children they know whose "real" and who isn't. They know who cares and who is there to "look good." Perhaps the beauty is in the imperfection...perhaps when we see we can do nothing without the Almighty is when something beautiful can happen and we are used...when we can emerge from the Refiners Fire...a new person...one that is no longer proud, one that doesn't take a day for granted...one that finds the beauty in the ashes...

May his name be praised!

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