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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Wonderful World of Blogging

I am amazed each day at all the things I have learned while blogging. It's nice to see so many people that like to decorate with "old" things the way I do. It's nice to see those who like to be organized and give me great ideas. I've learned to make laundry soap, fabric softner, use Shaklee cleaning products which have SAVED a boat load of money. I've learne to use coupons in a new way that I never knew, I've learned about great books that have helped shaped my spiritual life...its been wonderful!

It's also been overwhelming. To see such talent, such amazing photos taken by such talented women...I sit there thinking many times...I should just hit...DELETE! My blog following is not huge...probably never will be...but I appreciate each and everyone of them just the same.

Last night I was sitting there at a Boy Scout meeting...trying to "fit" in and there they were talking about all the amazing things they "constructed" for their sons for campout and I'm sitting there thinking..."seriously....am I the only ONE here who has NO idea what they are talking about?" I even have to have my Mom help me sew on Trey's badges...(GASP) I know, I'm pathetic! Seriously though...there must be help for those like me???? Well....I'm gonna try....because I HAVE to...and I will TRY not to get laughed at...I hope!

This week I'm trying to pull together an amazing party for my E a "Pinkalicious" Party and I really hope that she has wonderful memories of it and lots of her little friends get to come. I was having an amazing shirt made for her that was going to be worn with her tutu that I made (applause please it really is CUTE) and the dear lady that was going to make it for her lives in Alabama and sent me a frantic e-mail (sent by her sister n law) that she had no power and so sorry she couldn't make the shirt for Ellie...of course I felt HORRIBLE for her and her situation and told her not to FRET at ALL and that we were in prayer for those in Alabama....but it has now left ME to make this shirt...so I went to Hobby Lobby...and I think I can make something adorable...not as adorable as what she was going to make...BUT..I will try!

So, for all of those out there like me...are there any? I can't take amazing pictures but I will try..I'm not the best cook..but my family thinks I am...I don't live in the most amazing house...but people tell me its "perty" and I sure do like it! So, I will keep on TRYING...and not get discouraged about being just little 'ol me!

So, here is my farm table which right now has taken us through Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter and we LOVE it! I will start very soon on my little personal home tour. Also, I will have tons (hopefully) to write to you about the Pinkalicious party and I have an amazing playhouse to show you that my parents are building for my E....same plans as the one they built for me...(about 30 years ago shhhhhh) I'm more excited than she!


Can you believe my baby is gonna be four??? That just can't be!

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  1. Jamie I take all my pictures for my blog from my PHONE! LOL! Yeah Brad always has our good camera. Just keep being yourself, I love your blog and you know that!!!!
    You are a great friend and mom and you are inspire me!