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Saturday, June 18, 2011

All Boy

My one and only son just returned from a week of Boy Scout Camp. As of right now he earned three merit badges and has two projects to complete to earn more.

He enjoyed shooting, and watching Mic-O-Say. He enjoyed shooting a bow and arrow...he enjoyed lots of things that I can never teach him. He also learned how to get along with another bunkmate as they worked together in keeping their tent in order.

The weather while they were there was pretty good except for the last two nights when there were storms...I laid awake worrying...but Trey said he slept through the night with no worries and when he awoke all the leaders were sitting around sipping coffee....they were watching out for all our sweet boys! Thanks so much men that give up six nights and six days to spend with our boys!

The laundry he brought home was smelly. The fact that he never changed clothes even scarier...glad to see some of the underwear was changed...not so much the socks. He also never, not once...did he brush his teeth or shower....and its a fair bet the deoderant wasn't used either. I wanted to hug him when I picked him up but part of me was like....EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

As I go down this road of motherhood I find myself completely confused by boys...they baffle me. How could you not use toothpaste for a week, deoderant, shower, changing of clothing???? I'm told by other mothers that their sons did the same.

176. Boys who want to be boys

177. That my T despite being filthy and have a ton of bug bites had a very good time and was returned to me safely.

178. Little sister loving her brother so much and so happy to see him today.

179. So thankful to live in a town where we are blessed with a wonderful boy scout camp

177. Thankful for the leaders who gave up their time to teach my son the "yucky" things that he needs to learn but this poor Momma....can't teach him.

Have a wonderful day!

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